1ntroduction of optical measurement technology in the production of labor protection shoes

To make a pair of labor protection shoes, the tool to measure the foot size is not a ruler, but light. Do you think it’s possible

many foreign high-end shoe factories customize high-heeled shoes for stars. They need to first make a shoe last according to the size of the foot, and then make shoes by hand according to the shoe last. But this kind of treatment, ordinary people generally do not experience

in the production of labor protection shoes, if the manufacturer of labor protection shoes has an optical measuring instrument and a 3D data processing module system, it will no longer be a distant dream to customize personalized labor protection shoes for ordinary people. Scanning feet with light, 3D graphics are input into the computer, 3D data processing module system can simulate the stress point of customers’ feet, and produce the most comfortable labor protection shoes

of course, the cost of doing so will be very high. We must find ways to increase the output. 1f the output reaches a certain scale, the cost of shoes is completely within the range of ordinary people’s affordability. The labor protection shoes produced in this way will certainly be liked by the majority of consumers and increase the market competitiveness of labor protection shoes manufacturers

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