1ntroduction of several common anti-virus products

According to the different environment of users, different anti-virus products should be selected. Next, we introduce several common anti-virus products, so that users can accurately find the most suitable anti-virus products at the first time when they buy

first, anti-virus clothing. The object of this kind of anti-virus clothing is to protect the user’s whole body, especially in an all-round offensive environment, which is filled with a lot of poisons, biological warfare agents, or a lot of radioactive dust. 1n this case, it is very easy for such poisonous gas to pass through the skin of the human body and cause damage to the human body, And the anti-virus clothing can comprehensively strengthen the protection of the human body, and comprehensively protect all parts of the human body

Second, the main function of this kind of gas cloak is to prevent the relevant venom drops or some biological agents from entering the human body. Of course, in order to really protect everyone’s safety, usually, this kind of gas cloak needs some professional gas masks, gas masks, gas gloves, The combination of anti-virus boot cover and other tools can play a real role in disinfection and protection

Third, full face mask. 1n fact, among all the protection tools, this kind of gas mask is the most widely used, the fastest developing and the most diverse. According to the needs of users, we can choose full face mask, half face mask or other kinds of masks, Of course, there is also a professional gas mask. For example, the masks needed in fire scene and chemical plant are different

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