1nventory of household emergency supplies

1n the future, there will be official advice and guidance on what kind of materials residents’ families reserve to prevent disasters. On May 21, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs issued a list of emergency supplies for families for the first time, with hand-held rechargeable torches, life-saving whistles, towels, breathing masks and other necessary escape supplies. Relevant officials said that relevant standards such as how residents purchase will be issued in October this year, and Beijing’s material reserves can provide emergency relief for 200000 people

> According to the survey,

20% of families have no reserves of goods and materials

according to the introduction, disasters, especially major disasters, often lead to road disruption, poor traffic and blocked communication, so it is difficult for rescue materials and resources to reach the disaster area in the first time

Li Hongbing, spokesman and deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, said that recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, together with the 1nstitute of disaster reduction and emergency management of Beijing Normal University, conducted relevant research. “On the basis of the research, we have formulated and issued a list of suggestions on the reserve of emergency supplies for families in Beijing, We should guide every household to reserve some necessary emergency supplies to deal with possible natural disasters and other emergencies. “< According to Wu Jianjun, vice president of the 1nstitute of disaster reduction and emergency management of Beijing Normal University, the survey shows that 80% of families in Beijing have certain emergency relief reserves, but they are not standardized, and 20% of families have no reserves at all > List flashlights and life-saving whistles are included in the list the reporter saw that the proposed list of family emergency supplies reserves released this time is divided into basic version and expanded version. The basic version includes emergency supplies, emergency tools and emergency medicine, and 10 basic disaster preparedness supplies, such as hand-held rechargeable flashlights, life-saving whistles, breathing masks, escape ropes, etc, These items are small and easy to use and carry the expanded list is more comprehensive and targeted, including 60 items in 6 categories and 18 sub categories, including personal items such as food, towel, toothpaste, and important documents such as appropriate amount of cash, household register, 1D card, etc Why are these items listed? Wu Jianjun said that several disasters with high frequency in Beijing include flood, waterlogging, fire, earthquake and other disasters, so the reserve materials are mainly prepared for these disasters Li Hongbing said that after the list was published for a period of time, the civil affairs department will carry out the evaluation of “social response and participation degree” in a timely manner, and issue the purchasing standard of family emergency materials reserve in October< According to Ding Changli, director of the disaster relief Department of the Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, Beijing's emergency supplies are currently reserved according to the proportion of 1% of Beijing's permanent population. At the time of the sixth census, Beijing's permanent population was more than 19.6 million, So at present, Beijing's reserve materials can reach the capacity of emergency rescue of 200000 people he said that since 2008, the city has invested 200 million yuan in emergency supplies, mainly including tents, quilts, flashlights and other 11 categories of 30 durable goods. Last year, Beijing also purchased emergency supplies such as water purification vehicles and bathing vehicles “some materials are about to be due.” Ding Changli said that in response to the problem, the civil affairs department is currently studying relevant measures such as the rotation of emergency reserve materials when they are due our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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