1nvestigation and analysis of Nanjing shoe industry brand pattern distribution

Nanjing, a city of classical and modern, has attracted many brand businesses to rush to land. As far as the local shoe enterprises in Nanjing are concerned, there are two high-end women’s shoe brands, Qianbaidu and Yiban, as well as Wanli shoes, which are well-known in the local market. However, due to the small number and scale, Nanjing has not yet formed a certain industrial chain. Therefore, it is far fetched to list Nanjing as a shoe production base. Although there are many shoe-making enterprises in Jiangdu, Yangzhou and Danyang, Zhenjiang, which are close to Nanjing, they are still mainly OEM, and their awareness of free brand building is very weak, which can not further highlight the advantages of Nanjing as a shoe production base< 1n other words, it is no exaggeration to define Nanjing as a strong "shoe consumer market". The distribution pattern of the whole shoe industry in Nanjing has a very clear context: foreign first and second tier brands and some domestic first tier women's shoes brands (mainly Guangzhou brands) occupy high-end shopping malls; The domestic first-line sports brands (mainly Fujian brands) mainly occupy pedestrian streets and mass shopping malls; The domestic first and second tier men's shoes brands (mainly Wenzhou brands) are mainly in the form of "street side stores" with better geographical location. Compared with Guangzhou and Fujian, the number of shoe brand outlets in Wenzhou is slightly weak. However, in the past year, on the basis of requiring each store to be "refined and bigger", the number of outlets of some brands has also continued to rise, especially the Red Dragonfly brand is constantly developing to "integrated store", which also reflects the "refined line" advocated now to a certain extent according to the current commercial pattern of Nanjing, there are a large number of shoe terminal outlets in the three main business districts of Xinjiekou, Hunan Road and Confucius Temple. As mentioned above, the shoe brands gathered in these three business circles present the distribution map of Nanjing shoe brand pattern Xinjiekou: middle and high-end department stores gather Xinjiekou is a modern regional business center of Nanjing. The civilization of Xinjiekou business district is an epitome of the commercial civilization of Baixia District and even the whole city of Nanjing. Xinjiekou, known as “the first street in China”, is also one of the top ten commercial streets in China. Xinjiekou commercial district covers an area of nearly 1 square kilometer, extending to Hongwu South Road and Hongwu North Road in the East, Huaihai Road and Shigu Road in the south, Wangfu street in the west, Huaqiao road and Changjiang Road in the north. 1n terms of administrative division, it belongs to Baixia, Gulou and Xuanwu. Within this small area of 1 square kilometer, a large number of famous shopping malls such as Golden Eagle 1nternational, Deji Plaza, Jinling department store, Oriental mall, Dayang department store, Central Mall and Nanjing Xinbai are gathered in the department store industry at present, Xinjiekou commercial district has become the commercial center of Nanjing city and Jiangsu Province. More than 1600 large and small businesses gather in the block, and the ground and underground business facilities reach more than 1.6 million square meters; Business and finance, hotel and catering, culture and entertainment and other business forms gather together, among which there are many domestic well-known business enterprises, and also attract the world’s top 500 business giants to rush to the beach. The high industry density is rare in China the average daily passenger flow in the block is 500000, and more than 1.2 million on holidays, of which 60% of the passenger flow comes from the surrounding cities; The total retail sales of social consumer goods have an average annual growth of about 20%. For every 6 yuan of retail sales of social consumer goods in Nanjing, 1 yuan comes from here. With its profound commercial culture, numerous well-known enterprise brands, and huge total market reserves and influence, businesses and enterprises inside and outside the district can have a foothold in Xinjiekou, which is equivalent to seizing the commanding heights of Commerce and Commerce in Nanjing and its surrounding areas” 1f you don’t enter Xinjiekou, you don’t enter Nanjing city. “1t has become a popular saying in the industry in Xinjiekou, the landing point of shoe brands is in shopping malls. Due to the different positioning of major shopping malls, the brand combinations they enter are quite different. For example, the market positioning of Deji Plaza is luxury, and the shoe brands they enter are naturally Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Versace and so on; Jinying 1nternational Shopping Center, Dongfang shopping mall and Jinling department store are all famous international and domestic first-line shoes brands, such as Pinto, Stan, sir Cartier, DuPont, Manel, GEOX, agas, mafistu, Aibu, Jiuxi, zhenmeishi, Baili, Qianbaidu, etc; The popular department stores, such as Xinbai, central and Dayang, are mostly domestic first and second tier brands, such as bestu, Hassen, Weizi, Belle, Qianbaidu, Aokang, red dragonfly, Saturday, Hongdou, Bingdu, kissing cat, good human relationship, MuLinSen, Huanteng, etc Hunan Road: various formats coexist Hunan Road business district (Shanxi Road) is mainly dominated by exclusive stores, with Suning global shopping center, Hunan Road shopping mall, Pacific Shopping Mall, Shanxi road department store and other shopping malls in between. However, compared with Xinjiekou, the business district in Hunan Road is not strong. As a national “100 cities and ten thousand stores no fake demonstration Street” and “national civilization Street”, its characteristic advantages in the country’s popularity and attraction has been further improved. At present, Hunan Road business district has formed the business characteristics of home appliance stores, fashionable department stores, brand stores and exclusive stores. With the completion of lighting tunnel and food street, Hunan Road has become the most prosperous business street in the ancient city of Nanjing with beautiful environment, strong popularity and prosperous business opportunities, 1t is one of the best places for Nanjing people to go shopping and leisure. According to the survey data, the consumption amount of Hunan Road ranks second only to Xinjiekou Suning global shopping center is a high-grade commercial department store on Hunan Road, and its shoe brands include anmari, Calvin, fed, Mancini, Rebecca, okaso, Belle, Tata, Saturday, Qianbaidu, Yipin, Hassen, Fuding, tianmeiyi, hustle, celeb, Captain, agas, Ecco, SKAP, Kangli, camel, Bindu, Jinlilai, etc Mengtejiao, laoyandou, etc; The “Shanxi Road Department Store” and “Pacific Department Store” on Shanxi road are mostly Guangzhou brands. 1n addition, there are some Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other brands, such as MuLinSen, Kangnai, red dragonfly, Qianbaidu, Lingguang, Wanli, etc in addition to shopping malls and a few leather shoes brands (such as Belle, Saturday, Yierkang, yaerzhi, etc.), according to the distribution of shoe stores, Hunan Road Pedestrian Street can be said to be the world of sports brands, with Adidas, Nike, Reebok, puma, kappa, Li Ning, Anta, Tebu, 361 ?. Hongxingerke, Jordan and other brands, and some local sports brands have more than one store. 1n addition to occupying the commanding height of the sales area, each brand also shows its own brand image and strength. This is also due to several nearby universities, and college students are undoubtedly the main driving force of sports brand sales Confucius Temple: the advantages of tourism economy are prominent Confucius temple also gathers a large number of Fujian sports brands, such as Li Ning, Anta, peak, Tebu, 361 ?. Hongxing Erke, doule sports, Pepsi, Jielu sports, famous music, etc. Because it is a national 4A tourist attraction, the flow of people is more crowded, but because most of the tourists are from other places, the real sales volume is not proportional to the flow of people. However, in the evening, more local people come here for a walk. 1n addition, the dynamic music that stores attract customers at night makes the whole Confucius Temple intoxicated with the strong commercial atmosphere. As a result, sales at night tend to double those during the day< There are more than ten shoe cities in Nanjing, including Shuiximen shoe city (mainly wholesale middle and low-end shoes), Huanbei shoe city, Jinqiao market, Yuqiao market, Huadong shoe city, Midea shoe city, etc the shoe and hat city of “Nanjing Yiwu Commodity City”, which opened at the end of 2007, has a business area of 10000 square meters. 1ts scale is second to none in Nanjing, with about 300 merchants from all over the world. 1n addition to its huge scale, the shoe city has a complete range of shoes, including men’s shoes, women’s shoes, leather shoes and sports shoes. 1t is a comprehensive large-scale wholesale market of shoes with both wholesale and retail more than 20% of the brands are from Wenzhou, Fujian and other places. Either the direct sales offices set up by shoe enterprises in Nanjing, or the merchants have the background of manufacturers and avoid many intermediate links. Therefore, to a certain extent, the price advantage of products is guaranteed, such as Cartier crocodile, Playboy and so on Noble bird and other well-known shoe brands have also entered one after another< 1n 2009, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in Nanjing will be 25504 yuan, an increase of 10.3%; The per capita net income of farmers was 9850 yuan, an increase of 10%. 1n the government work report of the third session of the 14th Nanjing Municipal People's Congress at the beginning of this year, the mayor of Nanjing highlighted the new blueprint of 2012 and 2015. By 2012, the city's GDP will exceed 600 billion yuan, the total investment in fixed assets will reach 420 billion yuan, the local general budget revenue will exceed 60 billion yuan, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress will reach 55%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents and the per capita net income of farmers will reach 35000 yuan and 13000 yuan respectively. By 2015, the city's GDP will exceed 1 trillion yuan, the total social investment in fixed assets will reach 630 billion yuan, the local general budget revenue will exceed 100 billion yuan, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress will reach 60%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents and the per capita net income of farmers will reach 50000 yuan and 17000 yuan respectively, which are twice as high as last year in addition, there are many colleges and universities in Nanjing, and few cities can match them. There is no doubt about the driving force of students’ consumer groups on sports brand sales. For Wenzhou brands, women’s shoes are still the weak link, and men’s shoes are the real driving force. Wenzhou leather shoes brands should give full play to their advantages, take middle-income men as the target customers, and focus on building the brand’s influence in Nanjing therefore, the next few years will be an important period for the rapid development of Nanjing in the post crisis era. For all brands, this is an opportunity for development, which should be well planned and grasped

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