1nvestigation and collection of labor protection articles for employers of Zhejiang Labor 1nsurance Association

Zhejiang provincial safety and health protection articles industry association will soon carry out investigation on the allocation of labor protection articles in selected areas. Mainly involved in shipbuilding, chemical industry, light industry and other industries

the survey will be carried out in the form of questionnaire survey, on-site survey and discussion

the purpose of the survey is to get close to the guidance of employers and the needs of workers. To understand the real use of equipment of employers and workers, and to provide information sharing for all sectors of the industry

at the same time, the management standard of labor protection articles for employing units should be implemented accordingly to serve the government, production and operation units of labor protection articles industry and employing units

only by focusing on the research of demand accurately, can the truly useful achievements have the market and competitiveness. Therefore, in terms of the content orientation of the research questions, we should focus on the real demand groups of the research results and provide full service. The final research situation will be reflected in the final research report to provide information for both inside and outside the industry

collection of research questions

collection objects

1. Member units of Zhejiang safety and health protection articles industry association

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