1nvestigation of construction labor protection articles in Mudan District

the hidden danger of safety helmet can not be ignored

check the labor protection articles for construction in Mudan District

on Augus5, the law enforcement personnel of the Safety Production Supervision Brigade of Mudan District found that no construction personnel knew that the safety helmet had a safe use period

recently, the law enforcement officers of safety production in Mudan District inspected the labor protection articles on the construction sites in the area, and found that most of the safety helmets worn by construction workers on the construction sites have no labor safety signs, and some have even worn them for many years. The workers told the law enforcement officers that most of them do not have fixed safety helmets. They take any one and go away when they use them, and the safety helmets are not marked with shelf life and other information. 1t is difficult to know whether the safety helmets are expired. Generally, a safety helmet will be used until it is damaged

the law enforcement personnel handled the construction unit on site and ordered the person in charge of the construction unit to rotate or inspect the labor protection articles strictly according to the service life of the products. At the same time, remind the field employees to use qualified safety supplies. According to the national compulsory standard gb2811, the longest service life of plastic safety helmet is 3 years, and that of FRP safety helmet i2.5 years. After the expiry date, the user must go to the relevant departments for spot check and test, and can continue to use after passing the test, otherwise the batch of safety helmets will be scrapped

reporter Peng Juan

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