1nvestigation on the cause of death accident of 2 workers caused by collapse of a quarry in Harbin

Two quarrymen were killed in a landslide at a quarry in Feiketu Town, Acheng District, Harbin, at about 20:00 on the 2nd, according to the official announcement of Acheng District, Harbin on the 3rd. The cause of the accident is still under investigation

the reporter learned from the government of Acheng District of Harbin that at about 20:00 on Ma2, two workers from the first joint venture quarry in Xinfu village, Feiketu Town, Acheng District of Harbin went to the quarry to move excavators. Unfortunately, they encountered a landslide in Lazi. A small excavator was buried in the stones, and another excavator nearby was partially buried, and two workers died

at present, the public security, safety supervision, fire protection and other departments are jointly carrying out on-site search and rescue in the mine to investigate whether there are other casualties and find out whether there are other potential safety hazards

during the search and rescue work, Ren Ruichen, vice mayor of Harbin City, stressed that all departments should do a good job in prevention, prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, draw inferences from one instance, carry out a comprehensive investigation of similar problems and hidden dangers, and prevent similar accidents from happening again

at present, the relevant departments are carrying out carpet type investigation on mining enterprises in this area to prevent similar accidents from happening again

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