1s anti radiation maternity suit the armor of baby

1 don’t know when pregnant women who are going to be mothers will wear “radiation proof” clothes to avoid “radiation” from all kinds of electrical appliances and communication equipment everywhere in work and life. On the market, this kind of clothes are more and more beautiful, the price is higher and higher, and even some sold to 1680 yuan. 1s the radiation around us bound to affect the development of the fetus? 1s the higher the price of protective clothing, the better the performance? 1s it emperor’s new suit or foetus’s armor? This reporter launched an investigation

interview by the reporter:

1. A piece of “protective clothing” costs 1680 yuan

the day before yesterday, in front of the radiation proof maternity clothing counter of a maternity clothing store in the city, the reporter saw that there are many styles of maternity clothing, but the same thing is that there is a small plastic bag with a piece of cloth sewn on the label of each piece of clothing, and the cloth has been burned half, The burned fabric is black mesh. The price of these maternity dresses ranges from 190 yuan to 698 yuan

according to the sales staff of the counter, the maternity clothes sold in the counter are all anti radiation series, and the small cloth in the small plastic bag is the test material. Different from ordinary cloth, this kind of cloth is used to make maternity clothes. After being burned, you can see the network material that can’t be burned from the ashes. This is what is used to prevent radiation. The salesgirl said, “the clothes should be dried naturally when they are washed, and can’t be wrung dry.”

in another nearby maternity and infant store, the reporter saw that there are more kinds of maternity clothes, more colors, thicker fabrics and higher prices, ranging from 350-1025 yuan. The salesmen at the counter made it clear that these maternity dresses were all at the original price and were not discounted. Sales staff told reporters that a piece of anti radiation maternity dress with good hand feeling costs 1680 yuan. 1t is made of 100% silver ion and has the best anti radiation function2. There is no national standard for anti radiation clothing in China. Because there is no authoritative certification, the relevant departments also have reservations about whether the anti radiation clothing for pregnant women produced by many manufacturers can achieve the protection effect promised to consumers on the product identification

as for the experts from Shanghai Testing Center who are responsible for testing a certain brand of anti radiation clothing, they are testing the fabrics sent by the manufacturer, but not the finished clothing. He admitted that the shielding effectiveness of the shielding cloth used for testing can not be equal to that of the shielding clothing made of clothing. The reason is that the shielding cloth is usually tested in a special device, and the electromagnetic wave on one side can not be reflected to the other side. However, after the garment is made, there are gaps at the seams of neckline, cuff and cloth. Electromagnetic waves can enter the human body through multiple reflections in all directions, which will reduce the actual shielding effectiveness

expert explanation:

1. There is no medical conclusion on the anti radiation effect

at present, China’s national standards for anti radiation clothing have not been issued, and such clothing is based on the production standards of enterprises. Therefore, it is not effective to measure and supervise the protective performance of radiation protective clothing with various performance and price

the reporter asked the obstetricians and Gynaecologists of many hospitals, and they all said that at present, there is no medical data to confirm the harm of radiation to the fetus, and there is no medical research conclusion on the radiation-proof maternity clothes that “protect the health of the fetus from radiation”

Zhong Jin, deputy chief obstetrician of Foshan maternal and child health care hospital, said that it is difficult to say the specific role of Anti Radiation Maternity suit and how big the role is, because there is no clinical data to verify its scientific nature. Yang Chenggang, obstetrician and gynaecologist of Chancheng District Central Hospital of Foshan City, expressed the same view: “it has psychological effect. At the same time, in the case of no other means to protect the uterus, as long as the radiation suit does not harm health, it is better than nothing.”

when asked by the reporter whether it is possible to avoid some radiation by staying away from high radiation substances such as mobile phones and computers, Zhong Jin said that it is feasible in theory. Maybe radiation can accumulate in the body, but there is no clinical demonstration. The radiation direction of electromagnetic wave in daily life is disorderly. People are living in a radiation environment, and radiation may enter the collar and cuff, which is difficult to prevent< There is no need to talk about "radiation" color change Zhong Jin also introduced to the reporter that the electromagnetic radiation of daily household appliances does have some effects on the human body, especially on pregnant women. 1f it is too close to some household appliances, it will have more obvious effects on pregnant women’s fetus, which may increase the probability of leukaemia. Now the anti radiation maternity clothes sold outside can produce shielding effect in theory, which has a certain effect on anti radiation. 1n order to prevent excessive radiation to human body, general household appliances have standards in production, and the strength cannot exceed a certain standard, so it is basically safe “for pregnant women within three months of pregnancy, as they are in the stage of embryonic cell division, we suggest that pregnant women stay away from microwave oven and other places with strong radiation. 1t’s definitely good to avoid radiation, but we should pay attention to self-protection consciously and stay away from the radiation source. We can’t count on one or two clothes. “ doctors engineers 1. “Shielding 99% of radiation” is too exaggerated according to Kong Chief Engineer of an authoritative department of environmental radiation research and detection in the province, many maternity clothing manufacturers will send their products to this organization for testing. According to the past test results, pregnant women’s clothing can indeed achieve a certain shielding effect of radiation, “but not as magical as the publicity.”. According to chief engineer Kong, radiation is a very broad concept. The propaganda of these maternity clothes that “99% radiation can be shielded” is exaggerated. The maternity clothes basically have no effect on ionizing radiation and strong electromagnetic radiation according to him, at present, there is no quantitative research on the impact of electromagnetic radiation, radio frequency and other radiation in the home environment on the human body, and there is no evidence to confirm whether this radiation will have an impact on the human body. The impact of radiation from large-scale launch towers and stations on the human body is more obvious, but the distance of such radiation impact is very limited, as long as it is tens of meters away, there is almost no impact for the radiation problem, he gave an image example: “it’s like smoking second-hand smoke, which has a great impact on some people’s health, but has little impact on others.”< According to chief engineer Kong, there are mainly two types of maternity clothes nowadays. The first type is ion non-woven fabric, which melts metal ions into the non-woven fabric in the manufacturing process; The second type is metal wire blending. From the theory of environmental science, the shielding effect of metal wire blending is better, and because the process is mature, the production is not difficult, so the price is relatively cheap, but this kind of metal wire blending is not soft enough. The price of ionic non-woven fabric is more expensive for two reasons: one is that the material is softer and more comfortable than metal wire; the other is that the technology is not very mature and the yield is not high, so the cost is expensive and the price is also very expensive. 1on non-woven fabric has the problems of easy falling off of shielding layer, so it should be noted that it should not be washed frequently he also said that the most radiant device in the home is the master in the wireless telephone slave, just like a small transmitter, which will emit relatively strong RF radiation. However, there is no exact evidence to prove whether this radiation will affect human health< According to Professor Zhu Changshou from the 1nstitute of radiation protection and nuclear safety medicine of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, the harm of electromagnetic radiation to human body exists, but the problem of electromagnetic radiation that people can encounter in daily life is not big. Pregnant women need to pay more attention in their daily life and take certain protective measures, so they don't have to be too nervous. For example, when using the computer, 30 cm away from the display screen, 1 meter away from the TV when watching TV, and 1 meter away when using the microwave oven. 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