1s earmuff better than 3m earplug?

“1s the sound insulation effect of earmuffs better than that of 3M earplugs?”

some people see that 3M sound insulation earplugs are more expensive than earmuffs, and mistakenly believe that 3M sound insulation earplugs are not as good as earmuffs due to the concept of “cheap but not good”. The actual use results show that which one is better depends on whether the specification of the appliance is suitable for the user. When to use earmuffs and earplugs should be decided according to the specific situation. 1f the crew should wear dust masks or protective glasses at the same time, it is better to use earplugs

“1 don’t want these protective devices. 1’m used to noise.”

People’s hearing organs are not used to noise. 1f you are really “used to” it means that hearing loss has begun – a manifestation of hearing fatigue. Repeated noise exposure will not make your hearing organs stronger, nor will it make your remaining hearing decline again. Although there is a great difference in the knowledge of hearing sensitivity caused by noise exposure, so far, there is no standardized method to detect which people are sensitive to noise. Besides, the harm of noise to people is not only to hearing, but also to the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system and so on. Wearing protective gear can reduce or prevent this kind of harm, so why not do it

“anyway, the hearing is poor, so you don’t need to wear protective gear any more.”

as long as there is strong noise that can cause hearing loss, there is no guarantee that your hearing will not decline. As we all know, the earliest hearing loss caused by noise is around 4 kHz. Later, it gradually expanded to low frequency, and finally affected the language listening frequency band (0.5 ~ 3 kHz). At this time, 1 found it difficult to talk. Although wearing 3M sound insulation earplug can’t recover your lost hearing, it can prevent the further development of noise deafness, an incurable disease, and prevent temporary hearing loss (hearing fatigue) from developing into permanent hearing loss

“wear protective gear, you can’t hear what others say”

if the ear is impacted by strong noise, the auditory organ will be overloaded, and the hearing will be confused, which reduces its ability to distinguish different sounds. Wearing 3M sound insulation earplug reduces the noise level of all frequencies, so that the ear can play its role better

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