1s it illegal for labor insurance stores to sell police handcuffs

Police handcuffs, batons, tear gas ejectors, special police badges… These police equipment actually appeared in a labor protection shop on Feixia North Road in the city. Yesterday morning, Lucheng District People’s court heard the case of illegal trading of police equipment. The 60 year old woman stood in the defendant’s seat for trial and was sentenced to five months’ detention and a fine of 5000 yuan

at the scene of the trial, the owner was in a trance, claiming that she didn’t understand the rules

Mrs. Jin, who lives in Jiangbin street in the city, never thought that selling police articles in her shop would violate the criminal law and put herself in prison

the 62 year old lady has only primary school education and runs a labor protection shop on Feixia North Road in the urban area. 1n July last year, she bought 3 pairs of police handcuffs, 7 batons, 41 bottles of police tear gas ejectors, 11 police flashlights, 30 police epaulets, 9 police badges and 2 special police badges from others, and then sold them in the store. 1n August last year, Mrs. Jin sold one pair of police handcuffs and 10 pairs of police epaulets. On August 12 last year, Lucheng police received a report that Mrs. Jin was illegally trading police equipment. After the police found out in Mrs. Jin’s shop, they seized the unsold police equipment they had purchased

yesterday morning, Mrs. Jin, with her hair all over her head, looked haggard and in a trance< Judge: do you have the right to withdraw grandma Jin: Yes (nodding her head in a confused way) judge: do you have any different opinions on the charges made by the public prosecutor grandma Jin: No… judge: do you plead guilty to the charge that the prosecutor charged you grandma Jin: plead guilty… judge: why do you buy and sell police equipment grandma Jin: people around me sell it… (naturally answer) judge: do you know that the sale of police equipment needs to be qualified? Will the consequences of your doing so bring opportunities to lawless elements in the society grandma Jin: 1 don’t understand and 1 don’t know, otherwise 1 won’t sell it the trial ended soon. 1n view of the fact that the defendant, Jin Anpo, was able to confess her crime truthfully after the crime, the judge gave her a lighter punishment. Jin Anpo was sentenced to five months’ detention and fined 5000 yuan for the crime of illegally trading police equipment reporter’s investigation it’s hard to see physical stores again they are still on sale online yesterday afternoon, on Feixia North Road in the urban area, the reporter saw that the labor protection shop suspected of illegally selling police equipment has been transferred to a breakfast shop. Ms. Xiao, the owner of the breakfast shop, said that it used to sell labor protection products here, but it was transferred in September last year. 1n the chat, Ms. Xiao said that this batch of goods had just been sold for 40 yuan, and was seized by the public security organ. Later, the enthusiastic Ms. Xiao dialed the phone of the original owner for the reporter, but the voice of a woman on the other end of the phone said that these things are no longer sold the reporter visited a number of labor protection stores in the urban area, and the owners told them that they didn’t sell police handcuffs, batons and torches. Some shopkeepers said frankly that they had sold it before, but now they know it’s illegal, so they dare not sell it again later, the reporter searched the 1nternet and found that many online stores were selling police equipment. Although there are no police handcuffs, tear gas and so on, we can find many batons, torches and badges for sale according to the Department, the outflow of police equipment will be used for crime according to the police of the public security detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, handcuffs, batons, epaulets, etc. are all police equipment, which are specially used by the public security organs for law enforcement. No other unit or individual is allowed to produce, purchase or use these equipment without approval. Once the police equipment enters the market, it will provide convenience for criminals to commit crimes, and its harm is self-evident. There have been many cases of fraud or extortion in our city< According to the police, the production and sales of police equipment in Wenzhou are rare, but there are also cases of private sales by individuals. Most of the buyers are security personnel of enterprises and institutions. Two years ago, Yongjia and Ruian's two labor protection stores were sentenced for producing and selling police equipment privately selling police equipment serious crimes according to the introduction of the police of the second public security brigade of Lucheng Public Security Bureau, it is illegal to produce and sell police equipment, and the light ones will be punished for public security, and the heavy ones will constitute crimes. Among them, those who purchase and sell more than 30 pieces of police uniform, more than 10 pieces of handcuffs, chains, lights and alarms, more than 50 pieces of batons, more than 100 pieces of Police shoes, sirens, badges and epaulets, those whose relevant turnover exceeds 5000 yuan, those whose illegal profits exceed 1000 yuan, and those whose police products are used by others for illegal and criminal acts have all constituted crimes copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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