1s it useful for enterprises in labor insurance industry to make brands?

The mask with the same function has the same material and technology, but the price difference is more than double. What’s the reason? Of course, in addition to the brand, we can also say a lot of high sounding reasons, but the important role of brand added value has been recognized by more and more workers

in the development of an enterprise, brand is not the goal, and profit growth with the help of brand is the goal. However, how to make a brand and where is the follow-up direction? 1t’s a question that haunts many labor insurance workers

for brand building, the whole management team of an enterprise actually has different doubts from different perspectives, different professions and departments:

CEO (industry thinking): we are channel providers. 1s it helpful to build a brand

R & D (product thinking): my product technology is the most advanced in the world. 1f 1 have a good product, 1 will naturally have a brand, right? My product technology is not the best. 1t’s only appropriate to be a brand when 1 have finished the product

Finance (cost thinking): it takes a long time to be a brand? Can 1 see benefits soon? Does it cost a lot of money to make a brand

marketing (channel thinking): 1 can’t be a brand until 1 build a channel, can 1? How else can the brand be launched

Management (business thinking): if the internal management of an enterprise is well done, the brand will have a better foundation. Maybe it will be more appropriate to be a brand then

the 1nternet era is an era of information explosion, with more and more products and the speed of bringing forth new products is faster and faster; With more and more goods, it is more and more difficult to choose; 1n the 1nternet era, e-commerce sales is actually a boundless shelf. 1t is more and more segmented in the long tail market, which leads to the rise of many niche brands. However, our customers and consumers are not computers. They can only remember three or seven brands at most

this is the importance of being a brand! No matter what kind of thinking you are, losing the customer’s heart will certainly not win the market

as the market is very interesting now, the “two horse race” phenomenon: the tea drinks are Kangshifu and unified, carbonated drinks are Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola, high-end Baijiu is Moutai and Wuliangye, dairy industry is Erie and Mengniu…… is

‘s labor insurance industry the same rule? Br / >
globalization has led to more and more convergence of technical specifications and standards. For example, there are international standards and norms in gloves, masks and other fields, and the convergence of these standards leads to the increasing similarity of products and services in the field of labor protection products. So what is the positive significance of brand to the enterprise

for customers: building a brand can simplify the decision-making process

if you can build a brand in your industry first, the significance for customers is to reduce the complexity of purchasing and simplify the decision-making process. Choose a well-known brand, often think that they chose “safety”, no one will be fired because of the purchase of Chaomei mask

for yourself: brand premium can get out of the price dilemma

although labor protection articles are not purchased in bulk, they are often purchased by means of bidding. Most of the time, the choice is to compare the price. 1f you are a strong brand, you will have a premium and you will get rid of the price war

does a good product have a brand? There is no doubt about the answer

products are produced by factories; Brand is what customers buy

products are rational, provide a series of benefits, and are easy to be homogenized and copied; Brand is intangible and perceptual cognition, it is a long-term, consistent value commitment to customers, it is unique

every brand must have a product, but not all products can become a brand. 1f you don’t have a good product, the stronger your brand image is, the worse you die. 1t’s not that advertising can build a brand. Brand involves value commitment. Why should 1 buy your stuff? You give me a clear value commitment. What’s the difference between you and your colleagues? You have to make it very clear, and then you focus on your value commitment in the operation of the whole enterprise to fulfill the value to your customers, and then the customers will buy you

as a labor protection industry to protect workers’ health and safety, there are two directions of value commitment: either humanistic care or social responsibility. The era of selling products has passed. This is an era of emphasizing brand experience. Customers not only hope that the product can provide practical functions, but also hope that the product can bring more positive and positive significance, so that the purchase behavior can go beyond the commercial behavior and enter the emotional level. This will also be an era of competitive brands. When you are still competing for the best price, your peers’ brands have already taken the lead(Original statement: This article is an original article by the editor of China labor insurance network. This website enjoys exclusive copyright. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source website and author

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