1s it useful to wear protective glasses in haze days

Continuous haze and grey days have reduced everyone’s good mood. The incidence of cough, cold, upper respiratory tract infection and other respiratory related diseases has increased significantly. Everyone has put on masks to reduce the impact of this bad air

in fact, the continuous existence of haze not only damages the human respiratory tract, but also makes the human “window of the soul” become “ground glass” or even “broken glass”. Recently, many patients with redness and itching as the main symptoms have appeared in the ophthalmic clinic

human eyes are in close contact with the air like our skin every day. 1n order to reduce the damage of polluted air to us, we can use masks to cover our nose and mouth, but we can’t cover our eyes with masks. Although wearing protective glasses is an effective way, it will bring all kinds of inconvenience to our life. At the same time, it is easy to get foggy and other reasons, so that few users

in fact, the eye can not do without air. The cornea, the transparent film on the black eye, has 80% of its oxygen supply from the air. On the surface of the eyeball, in order to maintain the optical effect of the cornea, there is a thin water film on the surface, which is called tear film. Don’t underestimate this thin layer of tear film. Without it, we will see things blurred, and the fatigue and dryness of our eyes will be very obvious. Watching TV and reading can’t last for a long time

water film also has the ability to adhere to fine particles. When the density of fine dust particles in the surrounding air increases, they will not only be inhaled into the respiratory tract, which is harmful to health, but also adhere to the surface of tear film, and once they adhere, they are difficult to separate. 1f these fine dust particles carry a lot of pathogenic microorganisms, and even chemical components, such as acid and alkaline irritants, it will directly cause damage to the ocular surface tissue. We will also feel itchy eyes, eye pain, eye acid and other discomfort. This is why the number of patients with eye disease increases significantly in haze days

for patients who use contact lenses, that is, contact lenses, they are more likely to have eye diseases such as redness and eye pain in this haze weather. Because wearing contact lenses is equivalent to adding a layer of diaphragm between the cornea and the air of the eye, which will reduce the oxygen acquisition of the cornea. Relatively speaking, the lower the resistance of the eye surface of the contact lens wearer to adverse stimuli. Moreover, the hydrophilic materials used in the current contact lenses have strong adsorption capacity, and the harmful particles in the haze may enter into the contact lens materials, which will endanger the eye health of patients for a long time

from a medical point of view, it is suggested that people should reduce their time out in the haze weather as much as possible, and use eye drops such as artificial tears to wash away the haze particles adhered to the eye surface after they go home or enter the room, so as to reduce their irritation and pathogenicity. For those who use contact lenses, it is recommended to use the eye drops that can be used when wearing lenses, in order to reduce the haze particles adhered on the surface

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