1s it worse to be disturbed by noise? You need a noise reduction earmuff!

When you encounter noise, you feel the whole brain buzzing, unable to think, and always doubt that you have a pair of false ears…

in this noise disturbed world, when you say “1 want to be quiet”, others will only ask you: who is silence

it would be naive for you to think that you have been immune to noise for a long time. Our so-called “adaptability” to noise is just hearing loss, and our ears can’t hear too many details

all kinds of noise exposure and bad ear habits are the causes of this aging phenomenon

then, are we really helpless about noise

of course not

this noise proof earmuff made by Taizhou Cathay Pacific can completely solve your troubles

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self Photography:

this is not an ordinary earmuff, but a portable earmuff with noise reduction, safety, comfort and good sound

if you hold it in your hand, you will feel that it is too light – so light that people even think that its 227g weight should not be so excellent

and the peak noise reduction of this anti noise headset can reach 36 dB, which can insulate 95% of the ambient noise

although the surrounding sound is still there, it is already as if there is nothing, and it is as ethereal as an illusion

Valentine’s Day is coming. Send your beloved TA a noise proof earmuff. Compared with the same expensive roses and chocolates, it can not only show your love, but also let her / her wear the earmuff to think of you at work

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you can easily buy it:

Taizhou Cathay Pacific

1 hope this noise proof earmuff,

can also be exclusive to you,

or your lover’s heart

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