1s static electricity harmful to human health?

1n autumn and winter, because the air around the environment and our skin are very dry, a large number of electrostatic charges will accumulate on the body. When a certain amount of energy is reached, a large number of electrostatic charges will be released after the interference of external charges. This will not only lead to explosive and flammable places, such as gas stations and gas stations, which are prone to fire and explosion accidents due to static electricity, but also have an impact on health

although electrostatic shock can’t cause fatal damage to human body, it can affect human body’s physiological balance and emotion. Short time electrostatic interference can cause skin irritation and itching; Long term electrostatic interference will increase the blood glucose concentration, decrease the calcium and vitamin C content in blood, and increase the calcium content in urine night, which will lead to adverse reactions such as scorch, headache, chest tightness, cough, and even lead to bronchial asthma and arrhythmia

a dermatologist said that many office white-collar workers who operate computers every day are far more likely to suffer from facial diseases such as erythema and pigmentation than those who do not use computers. This is because the static electricity generated by the computer screen attracts a large amount of suspended dust, causing facial irritation

from the physical and biochemical point of view, there is electrostatic charge in the human body, which can change the potential difference in the body, thus interfering with the normal beating of the heart, and also affecting the human central nerve cells. 1n particular, some children and the elderly are prone to arrhythmia and other problems. Therefore, in the cold season, static electricity is also one of the causes of cardiovascular disease. Medical professionals in the United States have warned people suffering from heart disease not to wear chemical fiber clothing, at least not to wear it close to the body. Because they observed that the rate of arrhythmia in people wearing chemical fiber clothing is several times higher than that in people wearing pure cotton clothing, which may be due to the instantaneous static electricity generated by friction or peeling when wearing or taking off clothes, which interferes with the normal activity of cardiac bioelectrical current

in order to prevent the generation of static electricity, it is necessary to keep all the appropriate air humidity in the workplace and living place, such as watering, water basin, humidifier and so on, and planting potted plants indoors. Because the static charge is easy to attach to the dust, and the dust is easy to fill the space, the electrostatic field caused by more dust is stronger, so the dust in the living and working space should be removed regularly

in order to prevent induction electrification, keep away from TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and other electrical appliances as far as possible. After staying in front of strong radiation appliances such as computer and TV for a long time, it is better to wash hands and face with cold water to eliminate static electricity accumulated in human body. Try to wear soft and smooth cotton underwear and underwear. After taking off clothes, you can gently touch the wall with your hand, “put” off the static electricity of the human body, and then work

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