1s the helmet PS? 1s it really just embellishment?

A few days ago, when a netizen passed a construction site in Nanchong, he accidentally found that the photos of the construction management personnel pasted on the external wall of the construction site were very strange: the head portraits of the seven construction personnel in the photos were nothing at first glance, but a closer look revealed that there was something strange about the position of each person’s safety helmet, and there was no intersection between the ears and the hat. Many netizens follow the post, suspecting that the safety helmet is PS. Netizen “pa sweet potato” pointed out: “the hats are floating, it doesn’t cost much to wear a hat to take a picture, and it also uses PS, which is so funny.”< On Augus2, Mr. Yao, the person in charge of the construction party's office, responded: "the hat in the photo is not on PS." Mr. Yao said that a few months ago, the construction workers sent their photos to the advertising company to make advertising pictures. However, because the pixels of the photos were too low, the production staff modified them by computer. 1t may be that the decoration effect was not good, which led people to mistake the safety helmet for post-processing(China labor insurance net)

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