1s unlicensed safety shoes safe or not?

When it comes to labor protection articles, we may first think of safety helmets, safety belts and gloves, while safety shoes and protective boots, which are used to protect workers’ feet, are often ignored. 1n fact, safety shoes are essential for construction sites and can protect the health of workers’ feet. Now, many ordinary consumers like to choose safety shoes for their strong and durable properties. However, whether safety shoes are safe or not depends on “shoes”

functional safety: unlicensed products are still entering the market

when it comes to safety shoes, not only many consumers are confused, but even some shoe sellers know little about it. 1n the hand-in-hand tailing market near Liujiayao in Beijing, the reporter asked three or four shop owners in the shoe sales zone on the first floor, and the first sentence of the sales staff was almost “what safety shoes?”. Many sales staff said that they had never heard of this kind of shoes, and some simply told reporters that they didn’t sell them. The reporter then went to a labor protection shop near Anlelin in Beijing. 1n front of the counter, the reporter saw a kind of military like big shoes. The owner told the reporter that these labor protection shoes are actually safety shoes. The so-called safety shoes, to put it bluntly, are labor protection shoes with certain protective functions. For example, it can protect the toes, and is insulated, waterproof, puncture resistant, smash resistant, oil resistant, etc

on Taobao, enter “safety shoes” to find 20972 related treasures, with prices ranging from more than 30 yuan to more than 200 yuan. 1n more than 20000 products, most of the safety shoes are made of steel wrap, and the upper is made of cow leather. Due to the need of function, many shoes look heavy. However, some businesses have launched lightweight safety shoes with summer ventilation. Of course, the price is about five times that of traditional shoes

as the name suggests, safety shoes first guarantee the safety of feet. But such a wide range of safety shoes, really can do it? At the end of last year, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a special supervision and spot check on the quality of safety shoes produced in the city. The spot check included toe protection safety shoes, puncture prevention safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, conductive safety shoes, oil resistant safety shoes, electrical insulation safety shoes, industrial plastic molded shoes resistant to chemicals Chemical resistant industrial rubber boots and other 8 kinds of products. The results show that the qualified rate is 100%. At the same time, according to the statistics of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, as of the end of July 2011, there were 22 enterprises with valid certificates in Shanghai

in fact, safety shoes products are listed in the national industrial product production license management, because of its special use, its production has a set of strict national standards. 1n the 1990s, China formulated strict safety shoes production and inspection standards. For example, toe protection safety shoes: according to ld50-94 standard, the safety performance of inner Baotou is divided into an1 / an2 / An3 / an4 / an5 five grades, and an1 is the highest, which is suitable for metallurgy, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading, quarrying, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. 1n addition, there are some specific standards. According to China’s an1 standard, the steel head can withstand 200 Joule impact force (23kg * 900mm 15 mm) or 15 kn static pressure

according to the reporter’s investigation, safety shoes can not really meet the safety standards. The reporter consulted several stores of safety shoes and found that most of the sellers said that there was no problem with the quality of the safety shoes they sold, and some even promised to return them unconditionally within 7 days. However, for the reporter’s question about the production license, some brand sellers were able to come up with the relevant certificates, while some small stores kept a secret

on Taobao, “Juyuan shop labor protection shoes store”, a genuine leather steel Baotou safety shoes only costs 33 yuan. The reporter consulted the seller “Qi Chuanyu” as a consumer: “do our safety shoes meet the national standards?” Seller “Qi Chuanyu” told reporters, “quality is no problem”, however, he later told reporters that the reporter asked the steel head of this shoe is ordinary, not national standard. When the reporter said once again that some sellers were able to take out the production license, “Qi Chuanyu’s” reply surprised the reporter. He said: “the certificate is not necessarily true.”

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