1s your helmet healthy?

A worker wearing a safety helmet was accidentally knocked down by a small screw and his head was broken and bleeding on the spot. After the inspection by the relevant departments, the safety helmet has already exceeded its service life. Although there is sponge lining inside the safety helmet, it has been used for a long time. The shell material of the safety helmet has become brittle and the surface has no resistance

the safety helmet is not only a protective tool in labor production, but also a personal safety helmet, and its protective effect on striking objects can not be ignored. Now, in the safety helmet to protect people’s lives, we see security risks. 1n the production site, people generally pay attention to whether the workers wear it, but few people care about its service life. The author found in random interviews at the grass-roots level that most employees did not know that safety helmets also had a shelf life, and some people said that wearing safety helmets was just an act to cope with the inspection, which was not useful at the critical time

it is understood that the normal service life of ordinary safety helmets i2.5 years, but it is very common for safety helmets to be used beyond the normal service life at work sites, and some safety management personnel are indifferent to it. An enterprise has a safety helmet that has been used for nearly 10 years. Because of its “new” appearance, it does not look “bad” and is still used indefinitely

when the safety helmet is used for a long time, the shell material of the safety helmet is easy to be aged and brittle, and its impact absorption performance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy will be greatly reduced. The surface of the safety helmet does not have the anti Strike ability, which can not meet the basic technical performance requirements of the safety helmet, and can not play the protective role of the safety helmet for workers The phenomenon of cap cracking is not uncommon. Every year, the safety accidents caused by the aging failure of safety helmet occur from time to time. According to the compulsory national standards for safety belts and safety helmets, the maximum service life of plastic safety helmets is 3 years, and that of FRP safety helmets i2.5 years. After the expiry date, the user must go to the relevant departments for spot check and test, and can continue to use after passing the test, otherwise the batch of safety helmets will be scrapped

safety protection experts pointed out that “physical examination” can be carried out for each safety helmet through the safety tool detector. The health condition of helmets has the final say of the data of the detector, so that it can avoid blind use. At the same time, during the test, the safety helmet should be provided with file data, identification and “1D card” so that its health status can be verified. After testing, the unqualified safety belts and helmets shall be scrapped and destroyed, and shall not be used indefinitely

the lesson of a bloody accident reminds us that the problem of safety helmet overdue use should not be underestimated and should be paid enough attention to by everyone, especially the safety supervision department. 1n the daily safety inspection, we should do a good job in the supervision and inspection of on-site safety helmet overdue use, and conduct a comprehensive safety “physical examination” on safety helmet every year, The unqualified safety helmets should be ordered to be laid off to eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by the overdue use of safety helmets, so that the safety helmets can really play their due role in safety protection

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