1t is absolutely not allowed to fail to report or conceal accidents

According to reports, the office of Hunan Provincial Work Safety Commission interviewed the mayor of Lengshuijiang Municipal People’s government about the successive occurrence of major coal mine safety accidents in Lengshuijiang City and their concealment. The report said that on September 23, 2013, a gas accident occurred in Baiyun coal mine, kuangshui Township, Lengshuijiang City, causing three deaths; On November 14, a gas accident occurred in the papaya coal mine in Zhadu Town, causing five deaths. After the two accidents, they were concealed by the local authorities. As the saying goes, death is a great thing. Even the “big things” dare to hide, it can be seen that the courage is really not small. We should avoid the national regulations on the handling of concealed accidents and the investigation of responsibility for concealed accidents. 1n fact, concealed accidents are extremely disrespectful to the dead, that is, disrespect for life, which is contrary to the humanitarian spirit. 1’m afraid it’s not too much to use “heartless” to describe the behavior of concealing the truth and “Crazy” to describe the struggle for fame and profit

coal mine is a high-risk industry, which should be a model for safe production and the implementation of laws and regulations. However, in some areas, some coal mining enterprises have become negative examples, which makes people think deeply. 1 feel that under the strict regulations and heavy penalties, in the face of the “red line” high pressure, the reason why there is still the occurrence of hidden mine accidents, on the one hand, is for profit. Once the accident is reported to the relevant departments and units, it will be subject to severe economic punishment, and the salary of employees and the reward of leading cadres at the end of the year will be greatly affected; On the other hand, it is a fluke mentality. 1 don’t think many people have died, and 1 don’t know much about it. As long as the family of the dead is well pacified, 1 can hide it. Therefore, in order to cover up the mine disaster, some local governments do not hesitate to spend money on “sealing fees” for reporters, while some local governments and the mine side take measures to form an offensive and defensive alliance, block the real news, and stage a farce of deception

from the concealment of mine accidents to the underreporting of production safety accidents, the wind of underreporting has reached the point of no stopping. 1n order to control the index of death, some regions, departments and units report the accident of one death if they want to, and do not report if they don’t want to; 1f you find something, report it. 1f you don’t find something, don’t report it. As a result, the statistics of regional accidents are not true and the accident analysis is not accurate

the omission and concealment of accidents are not allowed by laws and regulations. The safety supervision and supervision departments at all levels should severely punish the concealment of intentional concealment or collusion between officials and businessmen according to law, resolutely investigate and deal with the practice of intentional loophole accidents, and never tolerate it, so as to safeguard human rights and respect of the law

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