1t is difficult to distinguish the true from the false of standard missing mask for preventing haze

1n recent years, the haze has become more and more serious, which has led to the hot sales of all kinds of protective masks, including medical masks, industrial masks and civil masks. The sales of these products have increased greatly in major pharmacies and on-line. But what kind of mask can really prevent haze? So far, there is no definitive answer. Some mask manufacturers even have a fight on this issue, “the old lady says the old lady is reasonable, the public says the public is reasonable”, and the vast number of consumers are confused. 1ndustry experts appeal that China urgently needs to formulate civil mask standards at the industry level< According to the statistics, in 2013, 25 provinces were plagued by haze, with the average haze days approaching 30 days, 10.3 days more than the same period, the highest in 52 years. Even the southern regions with good air conditions in previous years are frequently attacked by haze. According to the statistics of the meteorological department, the haze days in Jiangsu and Zhejiang were the highest in the same period of history in 2013. 1n December 2013 alone, there were two large-scale haze weather in this region, and the haze days were more than 10 days compared with the same period. 1n the recent local "two sessions" of 28 provinces, "haze control" has become the focus of attention serious air pollution has forced the public to enhance their awareness of respiratory protection, and P2.5 protection products are popular in the market. On the major online shopping platforms, “P2.5 mask” and “anti haze mask” become the most popular search keywords. There are many types of masks, including cloth masks with filter core, activated carbon masks, N95 masks, Kn90 masks and so on according to online shopping data, in 2013, consumers spent 870 million yuan on protective products and indoor sports goods, with a total of 4.5 million times. 1n 2013, the mask market showed a blowout trend. The data showed that the number of people who bought masks and air purifiers on tmall and Taobao increased by 181% and 131% respectively compared with 2012 take the domestic mask brand lvdun as an example. This mask brand has always claimed that the mask uses antibacterial fiber and the sandwich has filter element. 1t can resist the “two fine particles” in the air (i.e. P2.5 and N 1n 1, n DM – 1). As a result, it performs well in the sales of P2.5 protection products. The reporter learned that in 2013, the shipment volume of Green Shield masks reached 6.5 million, and the total retail market value was 210 million yuan, which was more than 4.3 times of its performance in 2012. On the double 11 of last year, the daily sales volume of Green Shield masks in tmall reached 1.29 million yuan. On December 5 of last year, the daily sales volume reache2.3 million yuan, becoming the third place of tmall household products. This does not include the statistics of the number of consumers and the amount of consumption who purchase related products offline are there potential health hazards of industrial masks when manufacturers fight< However, Zhao Danqing, the head of Green Shield brand, believes that recently they have encountered a "cold current" not long ago, a domestic satellite TV broadcast a program about testing the effectiveness of anti haze masks with TS1 instruments. 1n view of whether various anti haze masks can effectively filter P2.5 in the market that we are concerned about, relevant tests are carried out. 1n the test, the experts used the portable P2.5 rapid detector of TS1 company of the United States to test various masks popular in the market, including cloth masks with filter element, activated carbon masks, N95 masks, Kn90 masks, etc. The test results showed that N95 and Kn90 masks had good filtering effect, while activated carbon masks and cloth masks with filter core had no function of filtering P2.5 it is understood that among the mask models such as n 95 and K n 90, n is the mask standard formulated by the National 1nstitute of occupational health of the United States, k n is the mask related standard of our country gb2626-2006, K is the initials of Pinyin particles, n represents non oily particles, 90 represents filtration efficiency of 90%, 95 represents filtration efficiency of 95%, the higher the number, the higher the filtration level in Zhao Danqing’s view, this is “the unfair suppression of international giants”. He believed that in the haze mask test, the expert put on the green shield mask reversely, which led to the air leakage point, and the protection effect was very poor. Moreover, he also pointed out that TS1, a testing instrument company in TV programs, and the company that produces N95 and Kn90 masks belong to a town in the United States, and questioned their relationship another incident, after new year’s day this year, the mask manufacturers received a notice from tmall that the mask manufacturers must provide the qualified test reports of GB 2626 of China, N95 of N1OSH of the United States and en 149 of the European Union before their mask products can be put on the shelves again< 1n Zhao Danqing's opinion, these three kinds of certificates are all aimed at the standards of industrial dust masks, which are not applicable to household masks. At the same time, he also pointed out that the N95 and Kn90 masks are formulated according to the American standard starting with N95 and N90, or the European standard starting with FFP, which belongs to industrial masks. Although these masks can effectively filter fine particles of P2.5 or below, they have poor air permeability and are prone to dizziness, nausea and vomiting when worn for a long time. Moreover, he believes that the water vapor carried by human breath is easy to adhere to the inner wall of industrial masks, which nourishes the bacteria and viruses attached in P2.5, making industrial masks become Petri dishes of bacteria and viruses, and the health of consumers is also vulnerable to the secondary contamination of industrial masks who has the final say for the prevention of fog and haze in civilian masks and without standard respirators? Br / >
“which mask works best? Who on earth should we listen to? ” Miss Wang, who lives in Fengtai, Beijing, told reporters that the haze is so severe that she can only wear a mask when going out, but she has always been confused about which kind of mask to choose. Some people told her that PM2.5 mask is very effective in preventing haze, but some friends reminded her that she can only wear industrial masks such as N95. Now she is very confused< However, Zhao Danqing believes that China's mask market is in a mess, which is not only full of counterfeit masks, but also has not yet issued national standards in the field of civil masks. Therefore, many old people, children and pregnant women use industrial protective masks, but "in fact, these groups are not suitable for wearing industrial masks." Zhao Danqing told the economic information daily in fact, what kind of mask should 1 choose? What kind of masks are suitable for different groups in daily life? At present, there is no relevant research results in China the data show that in terms of relevant mask standards, there are only “technical requirements for medical protective masks” and “mask paper” and gb2626-2006 in China, and the latter is applicable to industrial masks. Similar to American Standard, it can be divided into k n for non oily particulate matter filtration and K p for oily particulate matter protection. Among them, the filtration rate of Kn90 is required to be greater than or equal to 90%, the filtration rate of kn95 is required to be greater than or equal to 95%, and the filtration rate of kn100 is required to be greater than or equal to 99.97%. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, there is no national standard for civilian masks but on the other hand, although some domestic mask enterprises claim that their masks can resist haze, and have passed the verification reports of some international authoritative laboratories, because there is no relevant standard for daily use masks in China, there is no reference for validity identification. 1t is worth noting that there is no standard for daily masks in foreign countries the reporter learned that in the absence of relevant standards, some enterprises began to try to develop public mask standards. For example, Kanglun fiber formulated the enterprise standard of “daily use antibacterial and haze prevention mask standard” in 2012. Although it has been approved and filed by Shanghai Quality Supervision Department, it has not become a national standard and has limited influence our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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