1t is misreading that masks should not be worn for more than half an hour

Recently, most parts of China have suffered from the attack and trouble of haze, and masks have become a must-have. Recently, a microblog with a “German rule: masks should not be worn for more than half an hour” triggered a heated discussion. Experts from 3M China’s Technology Department said it might be a misreading

the German regulation (regulation No. The establishment of the insurance clause is based on the expectation of high-intensity work in employees’ work. 1n short, only in the extremely harsh working environment, the filtered particles will quickly block the mask filter material, resulting in increased respiratory resistance

take Germany as an example, when employees need to wear respirators for more than 30 minutes a day, especially when the intensity of work is very high, or the working environment is high temperature and humidity, or they need to wear other types of protective equipment (PPE) (such as protective clothing or heavy work clothes, etc.), First of all, they will undergo medical examination (regulation No. g26) to determine that their physical conditions are suitable for the use of respirators. At the same time, there are specific provisions on the time limit for each use of different types of respirators * (see the annex), and there is a 30 minute rest between each use of respirators. But it’s not that “every 30 minutes you wear it, you have to rest for 30 minutes”, so the statement circulated on the 1nternet is not accurate

in China, the United States and other European countries except Germany, there are no legal provisions to limit the use time limit of respirators because of respiratory resistance. The German regulation also does not apply to the situation that ordinary people choose to wear respirators in their daily life. 1t is worth noting that the respirator standards of various countries have clear limits on respiratory resistance, so as to ensure that healthy adults will not damage their health if they wear respirator for 8 hours every day under general labor intensity

respirators are designed and used for healthy adults, not for young children and the elderly. For those with cardiopulmonary diseases, 3M does not recommend that they wear respirators. 1t is suggested that these special groups consult professional doctors for advice

it is unscientific to simply talk about the wearing time limit of respirator without considering all the above factors, or to directly define the wearing time limit of respirator without considering any background

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