1t is not advisable to change the liner to prolong the service life of safety helmet

the main function of safety helmet is to prevent workers from being hit by falling objects in the air during operation. Can the safety helmet which has been used for a period of time continue to be used after its liner has been replaced? 1n order to reduce the cost of personal protective equipment, it is not allowed to replace the helmet liner and prolong the service time of the helmet

the safety helmet and its accessories are a whole. The state has implemented the production license system for the management of special labor protection articles, that is, the production enterprises of special labor protection articles must go through the national labor protection articles production license management office to test the production capacity, technical conditions and products of the enterprises, and then apply for the production license, Only in this way can the enterprise produce and put the qualified products into the factory for sale. According to the batch size, a certain quantity of each batch of products must be taken out for the detection of six items, namely, impact absorption performance, puncture resistance, electrical insulation performance, flame retardant performance, direction finding rigidity and antistatic performance. All the detection is the identification of the overall test of the safety helmet, not the identification of a certain part

the liner of safety helmet can not be detected. 1n the national standard gb2811-89, there are specific provisions on the material selection and material quality of each part of safety helmet, but there is no detection standard, so it is impossible to detect and identify whether the liner is qualified or not, and it is impossible to guarantee that the replaced liner itself is qualified product

the overall quality of the safety helmet has not been tested after the replacement of the helmet liner. The safety helmet is operated by the workers themselves in the process of replacing the helmet liner, and the horizontal and vertical distance between the helmet liner and the cap shell cannot be guaranteed. 1n addition, the user has no testing equipment, so it is uncertain whether the overall quality of the safety helmet can meet the standard after replacing the helmet liner

whether it can cause the safety helmet to be used beyond the time limit, because after replacing the helmet liner, the user will have the awareness that the safety helmet can continue to be used as long as it is not damaged. Who knows, the safety helmet shell will age with time under the wind, rain and sun. According to the national standard, the plastic safety helmet can only be used for two and a half years from the date of production. 1f it is used beyond the time limit, the safety helmet will become an accident helmet, and once it is hit by falling objects, it will cause great disaster

therefore, it is suggested that “it is strictly forbidden to replace the helmet liner or accessories at will” should be added in the revision of the safety helmet standard in the future, and the quality of the helmet liner should be required to ensure that the helmet liner will not be damaged during the service life

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