1t is the first time for Xinjiang to introduce mine rescue capsule, which can provide 96 hour safety protection

for the first time, the mine rescue capsule was introduced in Xinjiang, which can provide 96 hours of safety protection time, and it is compulsory to be equipped by mining enterprises in our region within two years

it is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, can dehumidify and cool down, and is also equipped with emergency communication, which can ensure 96 hours survival time of mine escape personnel… On July 15, the first mine rescue capsule entered Xinjiang, and will be mandatory equipped by mining enterprises in our region within two years

on the 15th, Xinjiang’s first “signing ceremony for the application of mine rescue capsule products” hosted by the State Administration of work safety was held in the capital. At the signing ceremony, the first mine rescue capsule introduced by our region officially met with coal enterprises and other mining enterprises in Xinjiang

according to the introduction, when coal dust explosion, gas explosion, gas outburst, fire, water penetration and other emergency accidents occur under the mine, this rescue capsule can provide 96 hours of safety protection time for 8-16 people. The cabin is equipped with survival support, air purification, waste treatment, compressed air self rescue and other systems, which can provide emergency rescue for major disasters for mining enterprises, 1t provides a “refuge” for miners to maintain their lives in a disaster environment

the rescue capsule introduced this time is made in Shandong, and the price is about 2 million yuan

“after the” copper mine incident in Chile “last year, the importance of mine rescue capsule is well known, but at present, none of the mines in Xinjiang has used it.” Zhu Guangtai, chairman of Urumqi Dongfang Lianzhong mining equipment Co., Ltd., told reporters that they are the first local enterprise in Xinjiang to sign a contract with a mine rescue capsule manufacturing enterprise outside the District, with the contract amount of 204 million yuan< Luo wanjiang, Secretary of the communication and information center of the State Administration of work safety, who attended the signing ceremony, said that last year, the State Administration of work safety required coal mines across the country to set up rescue pods before June 2013. Now it is very necessary to promote this equipment in Xinjiang, and all mining enterprises must be equipped with rescue pods within two years< 1n July 2010, the State Council issued the notice on Further Strengthening the work safety of enterprises, requiring coal mines and non coal mines to complete the installation of "six systems" within three years, including monitoring system, underground personnel positioning system, emergency refuge system, etc. Rescue capsule is an important equipment in emergency system the mine rescue capsule is 8.38 meters long, 1.65 meters wide and 1.9 meters high. 1n case of coal dust explosion, gas explosion, gas outburst, fire, water seepage and other emergencies under the mine, it can accommodate 8 to 16 people for emergency refuge at the same time, providing 96 hours of survival time for mine escape personnel the video system in the mine rescue capsule can transmit the images inside the capsule to the outside the food storage cabinet in the living cabin can be used to store food, drinking water, miner’s lamp, oxygen candle, etc the data processing system of mine rescue capsule can display the data of oxygen, methane and temperature in the capsule emergency communication facilities, which can use wired telephone, PHS base station and other equipment to contact the outside world the oxygen cylinders in the medical oxygen storage room are equipped according to the number of people loaded(Urumqi online reporter Liu Wenwen, intern Yang Huan, Chen Yan) Author: Liu Wenwen, Yang Huan, Chen Yan

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