1t is urgent to improve workers’ awareness of occupational disease prevention

Last year, 26393 cases of occupational diseases were reported nationwide, including 23152 cases of pneumoconiosis, accounting for 87.72% of the total reported cases, according to the national health and Family Planning Commission’s 2013 report on occupational diseases

the author believes that the key to prevent and reduce occupational hazards is to improve the self-awareness of workers. As we all know, pneumoconiosis is a systemic disease caused by long-term inhalation of harmful dust, which is mainly pulmonary diffuse fibrosis. There are many sources of productive dust, almost all industrial and agricultural production processes can produce dust, and the dust concentration produced by some processes is still very high, which seriously affects the health of occupational groups. 1n the daily inspection, it is found that the employers do not choose and purchase the labor protection articles correctly according to the distribution standard of labor protection articles, and the workers do not wear and use the protective articles correctly according to the types of hazardous factors

in addition to the late start of occupational disease prevention in China, poor production conditions in enterprises, inadequate declaration of occupational hazards, safety notification and preventive measures, the lack of self-protection awareness of workers is the main factor causing the high incidence of pneumoconiosis. Nowadays, occupational hazards in workplaces have attracted great attention of safety supervision departments at all levels, but the situation is grim and there is a long way to go< On the one hand, it is necessary to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure. We should actively rely on scientific and technological progress to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, especially for small cement enterprises, small steel enterprises, small oil refining enterprises, small glass enterprises and small electroplating enterprises with serious environmental pollution and occupational hazards. At the same time, we should actively develop the tertiary industries such as commerce, transportation, catering, service and tourism in combination with the construction of small towns. To achieve clean development and safe development on the one hand, it is necessary to strictly implement the main responsibility of occupational disease prevention and control of employers. The employer shall establish and improve the responsibility system for prevention and control of occupational diseases, strictly implement the occupational health evaluation system and occupational health monitoring system of construction projects, strictly implement the declaration system of occupational hazards in workplaces, formulate emergency plans for occupational hazards, and strengthen the safety notification of occupational hazards on the other hand, we must improve the safety awareness of workers. First of all, workers should consciously accept the publicity, education and training of occupational disease prevention and control knowledge of employers, understand the knowledge of occupational health related laws and regulations, and master the types, hazards and preventive measures of harmful factors in enterprises, workshops and jobs; Secondly, workers must have occupational health examination before, during and after work to know their health status and engage in suitable jobs; Third, workers must learn to use personal protective equipment correctly, and form the habit of using and wearing protective clothing, protective mask, protective glasses, earplugs and other personal protective equipment to prevent accidents copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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