1t may be a crime that Liaoning coal mine does not issue labor protection articles to miners

morning post (reporter Chang Xu) yesterday, the Legislative Affairs Office of the provincial government announced the “Regulations of Liaoning Province on the supervision and administration of coal mine safety production (Draft)” (Exposure Draft), and solicited opinions from the society. 1t stipulates that coal mining enterprises should formulate and improve emergency rescue plans and conduct drills regularly. The leadership system is implemented in coal mines. When the leader leads the shift to go down the well, the name of the leader shall be publicized at an obvious position at the wellhead. 1f the coal mine fails to provide the employees with labor protection articles that meet the national or industrial standards free of charge, it replaces the labor protection articles with money or other articles, and is ordered to make corrections within a time limit; 1f it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be ordered to suspend production and business for rectification and may also be fined not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan; 1f serious consequences are caused and a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law

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