1t’s a pity that the new regulations for haze masks lack children’s standards

The national standard “technical specifications for daily protective masks” will be officially implemented on November 1, which is the first national standard for civil protective masks in China, but the standard clearly states that it is “not applicable to masks for children”. The reporter’s investigation found that children’s masks have a huge share in the market. There are many brands with different prices, but there is no production standard. Most of them are miniaturized versions of adult masks

experts involved in the drafting of the standard disclosed that the standard for children’s masks has not been included in the new regulations, mainly due to the large differences in children’s body and the difficulty in data collection, which will be considered in the next step(Beijing Youth Daily, October 20,

based on the fact that there is no unified standard and the quality of “anti haze masks” is uneven, the technical specification for daily protective masks has clear regulations on the protection effect and safety performance of fine particles (PM2.5), which helps to change the confusion of the market of civil protective masks in China, 1t also provides an authoritative haze mask Purchasing Guide for people living in the “ten haze” environment< 1t's a pity that the "technical specification for daily protective masks" is not applicable to children's masks. What's the reason? 1t's not because the national standard for children's anti haze masks has been specially formulated at the same time, but as experts say, "children's physical differences are relatively large, and data collection is difficult, so we will consider formulating it in the next step." 1 have to say that such a frank attitude is worth affirming, which is much more responsible than the introduction of a crude national standard to fool children. However, the “next step” without a clear timetable also means that there is no standard for the introduction of the national standard for children’s anti haze masks – in a few days, adults will be able to buy anti haze masks that meet the national standard, While children can only continue to use the reduced version of adult masks, the key is how long this situation will last, no one knows this is quite similar to the actual situation of children’s medication. Not long ago, the media reported that “among the 3500 kinds of drugs available, only 60 kinds are specially used for children, accounting for 1.7% of the total.”; At least more than 50% of the drugs used in pediatrics are not marked with children’s usage and dosage. Therefore, children’s medication is basically “broken by hand and cut with a knife”, which makes it difficult to ensure the safety of medication. However, compared with the reality that “90% of the drugs in the domestic market do not have children’s dosage forms”, is it more sad that children’s anti haze masks do not have a special model because of the blank standard? This can’t help but make people think of a popular 1nternet hot word: blue thin mushroom (uncomfortable, want to cry) the data show that due to the “lack of medicine” in pediatrics, the number of children aged 5-14 dying from preventable and treatable diseases in China may reach 100000 every year. 1t should be said that it is a painful lesson to let children take adult drugs. Adults first and then children, or thick adults and thin children, make the group of children who should be given priority protection be ignored intentionally or unintentionally. No matter how hard it is for children, it’s like writing on the wall, hanging on the mouth, but not 100% in action back to the haze mask, compared with adults, haze has a more serious impact on children, which is recognized by the media. Therefore, when the haze becomes a normal, since the adult standard has been “one step ahead” and leaving the children’s standard in the “next step” has become a legacy problem, then, for the sake of children all over the world, we should issue the children’s mask standard with the greatest sincerity and speed

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