1t’s dog days again” “Lanxiang” PPE anti UV, anti-static composite function security fabric for you to resist invasion

The World Health Organization pointed out in the report “global diseases of solar ultraviolet radiation” published on July 26, 2006: over exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation causes as many as 60000 deaths every year in the world, including about 48000 deaths from malignant melanoma and 12000 deaths from skin cancer< According to statistics, there were 166 oil loading accidents caused by static electricity in the United States from 1960 to 1973; There are about 100 electrostatic fires in Japan every year, and about 20% of them are caused by human electrification. 1n China, such as coal dust in Benxi Coal Mine in 1942, flax dust in Harbin in 1987 and metal dust explosion in Kunshan in 2014. As we all know, the sparks generated by static electricity contact with flammable and explosive gases, liquids, dust and other substances, resulting in serious security risks “Lanxiang” PPE anti ultraviolet, anti-static composite function safety protection fabric came into being! This “Lanxiang” antistatic & amp; UV protection fabric. 1t has durable and stable anti-static and anti ultraviolet protection functions, and has the perfect combination of air permeability, moisture absorption, quick drying and other comfort properties. 1n order to effectively reduce the risk of scald and other secondary injury caused by the droplet of fabric burning, the cotton content of the product is 60% or more< Article 42 of the law of the people's Republic of China on work safety stipulates that production and business operation entities must provide employees with labor protection articles that meet the national or industrial standards. 1n the scorching summer, to provide workers with labor protection products that meet the standards is not only a guarantee for workers' health and safety, but also a necessary condition for the rapid development of production enterprises

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