1t’s easy to get electricity by bus in winter

Ms. Zhao takes a bus from Xi’an high tech Zone to work in the northern suburbs almost every day. Recently, on the bus, she was hit by electricity many times” There are a lot of people on the bus. As soon as the driver grabs the handrail, he comes back, because he feels “numb” Ms. Zhao said she knew it was static electricity. At first, she didn’t feel strange, but such small attacks became more and more frequent, and the feeling of “numbness” became more and more serious. Almost every time she took the bus, she would encounter, “1 dare not touch the handrail.”

to prevent static electricity, Ms. Zhao specially wore gloves when taking the bus and soaked them in softener at night, but she said that the effect was not obvious. “Static electricity can also detonate dangerous goods. 1n case any passenger carries dangerous goods on the bus, it’s too dangerous.”

how much static electricity is there when taking a bus? The author took Xi’an multi-channel bus

1 got on bus 603 from Nanmen station, and there were a lot of people on the bus. 1 stood on the stairs between the first and second floors, holding the handrail. When the car body is bumpy, you can obviously feel the static electricity on your body. When it is serious, you can see sparks. On the first floor, passengers kept saying, “why is there so much static electricity?”

later, 1 got on the No.504 bus from Xiaozhai. When 1 handed over the money and picked up the ticket from the steward, 1 was hit by “electricity”

in fact, in dry winter, in addition to the static electricity generated by grabbing the armrest on the bus, handing money to pick up the ticket, pressing the computer on key and taking off clothes at home may also generate static electricity. Sometimes, in the morning, when you comb your hair, it becomes more and more disorderly, which is also static electricity

according to the staff of the technical department of Xi’an Bus Corporation, most of the seats and tails of buses in Xi’an have anti-static devices: static strips. The handrails of many vehicles are made of plastic” We will ask the cleaner to wipe the armrest and seat with a wet rag every time the car runs

the staff said that they usually ask drivers to pay attention to passengers’ luggage. 1f they find “Sanpin”, they strongly advise them to get off the bus. “Passengers should first avoid electrification. Chemical fiber clothing is easy to produce static electricity, and pure cotton clothing is the best choice; Secondly, after getting on the car, it’s better to grasp the plastic handrail or touch the metal handrail with the key first, so as to eliminate static electricity. “

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