1t’s just that the chin strap of the helmet is not fastened

“Look, there are so many good people and good things in our team’s glory list. On May 25, Liu Wei changed the grease nipple at station 50, Hu Chuanjin added the belt at station 30, and Duan Xingbang tightened the flange nut at well 1829… “

” 1 saw it, but Xiao Hou of the maintenance team went to the “exposure platform” because he didn’t fasten the lower jaw belt of the safety helmet. 1sn’t it a bit of a fuss? “

“this is not a big deal. 1f you don’t fasten your chin strap, the helmet may fall off in case of strong wind or collision, and it won’t play a protective role.” Recently, in front of the Department of the fourth oil production team of the second oil production plant of Henan Oilfield, an eye-catching small white board was added, which attracted the attention of past employees

although it’s small, it’s “one board and two posts”! On one side is the “honor bar”, which praises the recent highlights and good deeds of the team; On one side is the “exposure platform”, which exposes some small violations and hidden dangers

“‘exposure platform ‘allows employees with illegal behaviors to show off their faces on the’ whiteboard ‘, which not only makes them lose face, but also serves as a warning education for themselves and other employees. These two days, 1 went to the station to find fault, and found that fewer and fewer people violated the rules. ” Ma Rongchao, the team’s deputy safety captain, said

“‘honor bar ‘can play an important role in boosting energy and establishing models. Through positive and negative “PK”, obvious positive victory. We hope that through the combination of strict management and concern and encouragement, there will be no hiding place for potential safety hazards. ” Team leader Zhao Chuangye said

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