1t’s not dangerous for Wenzhou shoe industry to be forced into Liangshan

nowadays, small and medium-sized shoe enterprises in Wenzhou are in an awkward development stage

recently, a friend visited Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Baoding, Hebei and other places to investigate the shoe market. This friend is engaged in wholesale of leather shoes in Changsha, Hunan Province. His feeling is that Wenzhou shoes are not easy to sell now. Like him, some dealers who do wholesale in Guangzhou used to go to Wenzhou to get goods, but now they all go to Hebei, Henan, Hunan and other places to get goods, because the cost of the same low-end products is lower than 10 yuan in some places

in the past two years, the leather industry in Hebei, Henan and other places has risen rapidly. With the low cost of labor, water and electricity, and factory buildings, the latecomer has taken the lead, thus seizing a large share of the middle and low-end footwear market. Similar to the development path of Wenzhou, most shoe enterprises in these places are also expanding on the basis of their own courtyards, using the “workshop” mode of production and operation

“as long as they make further efforts, Wenzhou’s status as a famous shoe town will be difficult to guarantee.” That’s what my friend said

the words “Guangzhou shoes lead the trend, Wenzhou shoes lead the market” are popular in the industry, which seems to be challenged mercilessly by the market. That’s exactly what happened. At present, the development of Wenzhou shoe enterprises is hindered by industrial transfer and cost pressure. According to the survey data, the number of shoe-making enterprises in Wenzhou has shrunk from more than 5000 in 2002 to 2600 today

then, where is the way out for the rest of Wenzhou Small and medium-sized shoe enterprises

going up is a way out, but it’s not easy. Wenzhou Pubei gathered a number of low-end shoe factories. Take a local factory a with annual sales of about 20 million yuan as an example. 1t has 67 sets of abrasives, 3 production lines and more than 70 workers. At present, a set of abrasives is about 60000 yuan, and an assembly line is about 150000 yuan. 1f we go to the middle and high end, the cost of equipment renewal alone will need to double, exceeding the net profit of this shoe factory in one year

in addition to the high cost of upgrading, another problem is that the enthusiasm of these manufacturers for transformation and upgrading is not high. For example, the boss of factory a says that the market capacity of shoes is limited. They make 8.9 million pairs of shoes a year and distribute them to dealers all over the country. No matter how much, they can’t sell them. The situation of other small factories is similar

in addition, design and R & D is also the weakness of Wenzhou Small and medium-sized shoe enterprises” Wenzhou Cangnan a boss, do high-end shoes, because the opening design is not good, plus management problems, do two years on the closure The boss of factory a told me

of course, Wenzhou’s shoe industry is not without its advantages. 1n terms of design, Wenzhou shoe enterprises still have weight in hand. As the national footwear design center, Wenzhou shoes outstanding design level is still beyond doubt” 1’ll finally choose a few manufacturers in Wenzhou for formal leather shoes. ” My friend said that although it’s cheap, the design of leather shoes in other places can’t match Wenzhou. Next, how to make full use of the platform of shoes design center may be a breakthrough for Wenzhou Small and medium-sized shoes enterprises< However, Wenzhou still has a loyal customer base" 1 still like doing business with Wenzhou people. " A friend said that when he purchased goods from manufacturers in Hebei, Henan and other places, he paid for the goods. The other side often said that if he had the goods, he would send them to you; 1n the same situation, the reply from Wenzhou shoe factory is specific to a certain date, and the speed is very fast" But the product is similar, 1 still want to choose the low price, the most realistic cost. " The friend added on the one hand, the market share has been robbed, and the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou Small and medium-sized shoe enterprises are imminent; On the other hand, they still have weight. 1n any case, ten years of Hedong, ten years of Hexi, the future shoe market will continue to shuffle. Although there is still a market to lower their stature, it is obvious that many Wenzhou enterprises with strength are not willing to go back to their old ways under such pressure. They have tried to open up new markets at the high end. Zheng Xiukang, chairman of Kangnai Group, said that if the enterprise continues to develop, the space lies in the high end, so that it can become an internationally recognized brand in the future. With the help of 2008 Olympic marketing, Aokang Group in the same city has realized three leaps in fact, the experience of Wenzhou is a microcosm of the gradient transfer of China’s economic industry

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