1t’s OK to produce elastic fabric without spandex

Zhejiang shumeite Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang guxiandao Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences jointly undertake the key scientific and technological projects, namely, the spinning processing technology of new high-performance PTT and PTT / Pet elastic fiber, and the one-stop new technology of high-grade textile design, textile, dyeing and finishing, which has passed the expert acceptance recently. This indicates that the development and application of the product has broken through a certain technical bottleneck and laid a foundation for the arrival of the heyday of PTT

spandex fiber and its products are the mainstream products of elastic fabrics at present, but some of its own defects, such as easy to expose white, difficult to control production and high price, have increasingly become the bottleneck of upgrading the product grade

the new polyester PTT fiber, which is the same as spandex, has the characteristics of both polyester and nylon, and has excellent softness, elastic recovery and good dyeability. 1t is suitable for the development of high-end clothing and functional fabrics. As the raw material for industrial production of PTT, it can partly get rid of the constraints of petroleum resources and solve the petrochemical resource crisis and environmental pollution problems. Therefore, in the near future, PTT fiber will gradually replace polyester, nylon and spandex and become a large-scale new fiber in the 21st century, representing the new trend of chemical fiber development in this century

according to the introduction, the domestic market development of PTT fiber back channel textiles is still in a stage of being understood and accepted, and some common technologies still need to be tackled. Therefore, the current price of PTT back channel textiles is on the high side, which has great market prospects

with the joint efforts of three key research units, the common technologies of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing and fabric design of the new fiber have been developed in six aspects for two years. 1t is understood that the success of the research and development of the project can lead to the development of some typical new textile products with high added value and high performance, improve the added value and international market competitiveness of textiles, and increase the substitution rate of imported high-grade fabrics

at present, the fiber products have been sold to Haining, Wujiang and other places, and elastic fabrics are also exported to the U.S. and EU markets

Author: Ren Yuanshuo

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