1t’s related to the safety of labor protection articles. Cracking down on fake labor protection articles urgently needs the participation of the whole people

[title] it is urgent for the whole people to participate in the anti-counterfeiting work related to safety and labor protection articles.

– postscript to the anti-counterfeiting and rights protection coordination meeting of the safety and Health Committee of China Textile Business Association, the first working meeting of the anti-counterfeiting and rights protection Coordination Committee of the safety and health protection articles Committee was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province on May 31. Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd., Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. and other 16 member units of the anti-counterfeiting and rights protection coordination committee attended the meeting

cracking down on counterfeiting in the labor protection products industry is the most troublesome problem for all of us. With the increase of the protection of intellectual property rights in various places, the actions of enterprises to crack down on counterfeiting are also increasing. Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd., the most representative of the labor protection industry, is also on the road of cracking down on counterfeit goods in recent years. At the beginning of August last year, China labor protection network reported an anti-counterfeiting action of Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd. in Harbin. 1n Xingyu’s massive “Skynet action”, the enterprises that manufacture and sell counterfeit goods also got the punishment they should have

the most direct negative effect of counterfeiting and selling is the impact on the interests of the original brand of labor protection products. Because the brand pursues added value and product quality, and the unscrupulous imitation and inferior quality of Shanzhai products are rampant, leading to serious damage to the brand of genuine products

the establishment of anti-counterfeiting group is certainly conducive to safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises. However, for enterprises, it increases the operating costs of enterprises, and often has little effect. The cost of safeguarding rights of enterprises is too high, and the punishment for manufacturing and selling fake goods is relatively light. 1n addition, the enterprise itself has no law enforcement power. Without the cooperation of local governments, the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting group is relatively low

fake and inferior products have directly affected the innovation power of enterprises. Because the cost of enterprise innovation is getting higher and higher, and innovative products are easy to be stolen by Shanzhai products, the argument of “innovation seeking death, no innovation waiting for death” is rampant

Lei Limin, chairman of the safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, pointed out at the meeting that the illegal activities of producing and selling fake and shoddy products infringe intellectual property rights, hurt the innovation enthusiasm of enterprises, and perplex the development of industry brands. 1t is a long-term and arduous task for the association to adhere to the routine, networking and specialization of the anti-counterfeiting and rights protection coordination work< The author believes that there are several forces to fight against counterfeiting and safeguard rights and interests: first, the strength of the association: the association establishes a fund to fight against counterfeiting and safeguard rights and interests, specially for fighting against counterfeiting and safeguarding rights and interests, and recruits volunteers, or forms a good faith management alliance with businesses, and resolutely does not sell counterfeits, in order to fight against fake and shoddy products and rectify the market< Second, government power: on behalf of enterprises, the association or relevant organizations negotiate with governments at all levels to urge the government to strike hard for the protection of intellectual property rights and cut off the "root of evil" of counterfeit goods Third, platform strength: the labor insurance industry, such as China labor insurance net, takes the initiative to preach the protection knowledge of correctly selecting and purchasing labor protection articles, improve the safety protection awareness of the whole people, recognize and resist fake goods, and thoroughly eradicate the soil of breeding fake and shoddy products from the root< 4. Enterprise strength: labor protection products manufacturers should establish awareness of property rights protection, make anti-counterfeiting labels in product design and outer packaging, and create obstacles for bad enterprises in terms of manufacturing cost. 1n addition, as an important part of labor protection products dealers, they should fully realize the vicious disturbance of counterfeiters to the normal order of the whole labor protection products market, Don't be greedy for temporary profits to affect the healthy development of the market and the whole labor insurance industry the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of an industry needs a market competition order of genuine goods, good faith and fair trade. The real farsighted labor insurance workers will never ignore the long-term development of the industry and only care about the small profits in front of them. 1n order to eliminate the production and sale of counterfeit goods, it is necessary for all parties to borrow from each other, which is by no means a one-day effort. 1t is hoped that in this industry of conscientious products, all participating enterprises take “protecting life safety” as their own responsibility and constantly alert themselves. Also hope that in our side, more “anti-counterfeiting guards”, less shortsighted generation attached: name list of members of the anti counterfeiting and rights protection coordination committee Zhejiang nuclear power safety equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd. Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongya gloves Co., Ltd. Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd., Shandong Dengsheng labor protection products Co., Ltd. Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd Shuangan Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tangshan Chemical Factory Co., Ltd. Nantong Baojian special professional Clothing Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen Bluestar Enterprise Co., Ltd. Shandong Sunbird Clothing Co., Ltd. Qingdao Weidie latex products Co., Ltd. Jingzhou Sichuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yuefeng industrial protection products Co., Ltd Ltd. original statement: This article is an original article edited by China labor insurance network. This website enjoys exclusive copyright. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source website and author

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