1t’s still easy to get injured when airbag ejects without wearing seat belt

Reader Mr. Meng: is it right to say that the double protection of airbags and seat belts can give full play to the function in front collision

Reply of traffic management department: Yes. Some drivers think that with airbags, it’s OK to drive without wearing seat belts. 1n fact, it is not. Only by using seat belts and airbags can you save your life in an accident. When the airbag is ejected, the safety belt will provide you with a “safe distance”. The power of the airbag is huge when it pops up. 1f the safety belt is fastened, the human body will be pulled by the safety belt first, and then hit when the airbag is fully opened. At this time, the risk factor will drop a lot. 1f you don’t wear a seat belt, or hold a child in the co driver’s seat, then the “safe distance” will be gone, and you may be injured due to strong impact when the airbag is ejected

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