1t’s unscientific for businesses to change disposable masks every two days

Do you feel bored by the pollen and dust in the air when you go out to play? Does intense sunlight add to your tanning worries? 1n order to avoid these troubles, many people will choose to wear a mask with the functions of shading and dustproof when they go out. However, different from the traditional masks in the market in the past, disposable masks appear frequently in the streets of Taicheng recently. 1 don’t know when they have gradually become the “new favorite” of Taicheng citizens

the three-dimensional disposable mask is high in price but popular

“this is a disposable mask, which can prevent dust. 1f you wear it yourself, you don’t need to change it every day. You can change it every two days or so. The sales volume is very good.” At noon on the 16th, at a fashion boutique on Longtan Road, sales staff enthusiastically recommended blue disposable masks to customers. The reporter noticed that in the mask sales area of this fashion boutique, there are more than 20 kinds of masks of various styles, colors and materials. Although the style and color of disposable masks are single, they occupy an important position in the sample display area. Compared with the masks made of other materials, which cost 4-5 yuan each, this kind of three-dimensional disposable sanitary mask marked as three-layer non-woven fabric to prevent air pollution costs 17 yuan per pack, which is slightly high-end at a price of about 1 yuan. Even ordinary disposable masks cost about 11 yuan a pack. Although the price is slightly higher, there are many people who buy them

the reporter then visited several large fashion stores in Taicheng. Disposable masks, which were usually purchased in pharmacies, can easily be found in the mask sales area, and have become “noble” masks. As for the reasons for abandoning cotton, silk and other traditional masks and choosing disposable masks, Ms. Liu said that the main purpose of purchasing masks is to prevent the inhalation of air pollution particles. 1t is said that the dustproof performance of disposable masks is better than ordinary masks. Moreover, disposable masks are more hygienic and convenient than traditional masks. Although the price is more expensive, as long as it works and is good for health, it is worth it

disposable masks still need to be discarded every 8 hours when worn by individuals

is the disposable masks sold in boutique shops as effective as advertised by businesses? Han Chuanping, director of the infection management department of the Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical College, said that as a life mask, this disposable mask still plays a certain role in dust prevention, sun protection and blocking large particle pollutants, but its role is limited, and it is not as magical as advertised by businesses” 1n the column of product function, this kind of disposable mask propaganda can effectively prevent “two fine”, namely fine particles and bacterial influenza virus. 1n fact, people with professional knowledge will know that bacteria and influenza virus are two concepts in themselves, and their expressions are wrong. ” Director Han Chuanping added that in addition, the sales staff’s theory of replacing personal wear in about two days also does not meet the requirements

director Han Chuanping explained that because a large number of bacteria will be produced when people breathe, these bacteria will become the source of pollution if they attach to the mask. Therefore, according to the medical regulations, disposable masks need to be discarded every 8 hours. Even the cotton masks worn by the public, it is better to complete the cleaning and disinfection every 4 hours. Only in this way can the hygiene of masks be guaranteed. As for how people should choose suitable masks in their daily life, director Han Chuanping said that when choosing life masks, we should first see whether the material is harmful to the skin, then pay attention to the various functions publicized by the masks, and finally remember to wash and disinfect them frequently< Copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author's point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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