1t’s unscientific to change a mask every four hours

With the frequent occurrence of haze, people have different ways to deal with the haze. The traditional mask is respected because of its most practical and simple. However, the emergence of two kinds of voices at a time makes us at a loss

wear masks every four hours

the haze is rampant, and many people wear masks when they go out. 1t should be noted that it is better to replace the mask every 4 hours, because after 4 hours, the mask has been covered with harmful particles. 1f it is not replaced, it will be inhaled by the human body. Gauze masks can be worn again after cleaning. Medical masks and N95 masks are disposable and cannot be reused

it’s a misunderstanding that masks should not be worn for more than half an hour

recently, most parts of China have suffered from the attack and trouble of haze, and masks have become a must-have. Recently, a microblog with “German regulation: masks should not be worn for more than half an hour” has aroused heated discussion. Experts from 3M China’s Technology Department said it might be a misreading

the German regulation (regulation No. The establishment of the insurance clause is based on the expectation of high-intensity work in employees’ work. 1n short, only in the extremely harsh working environment, the filtered particles will quickly block the mask filter material, resulting in increased respiratory resistance

recently, the reporter was scared into a cold sweat by the filter cotton before and after wearing the mask in the microblog. Whether the real air quality is good or not, just look at the filter device

there are many different opinions on how to choose the right one among numerous methods. Different types of work and different environments choose different objects

generally speaking, the choice of masks should be considered from three aspects: protection performance, wearing tightness and comfort. PM2.5 and other suspended particles in the air are extremely small, and non professional protective masks can not effectively filter these fine particles. At the same time, if the mask can not effectively close to the face, it will also lead to protection failure. 1n order to alleviate the discomfort caused by long-term wearing masks, the comfort and air permeability of masks are also very important, which is related to the public acceptance and wearing time

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