1t’s very thin and brittle. 1t’s broken when it’s smashed. Some safety helmets on construction sites are hanging!

as the protective umbrella on the top of the construction workers’ head, the safety helmet can avoid or reduce the direct injury to the head caused by falling objects, and the warning slogan “no entry without safety helmet” can be seen everywhere in the construction site. However, is it really safe to wear a helmet? At the beginning of April, the reporter received a cry from Ms. Liu, saying that her husband’s head was injured by marble during construction at a construction site near Linhe street in Changchun City in August last year. A few days ago, she was identified as grade 1 disabled, and she is still unconscious. Ms. Liu believes that her husband’s injury is an accident, but if the helmet is a regular product, it will not cause the tragedy of her husband hitting a three inch deep hole in the head. 1n the spring, most of the construction sites in Changchun City have started. Whether the eye-catching helmet on the workers’ head can really ensure the safety has become a hot topic. Recently, the reporter used a week to investigate the safety problems of safety helmet


wearing a helmet was also injured

on the morning of April 12, the reporter met Lao Wang, who had been hospitalized for 8 months, in the Department of brain surgery of Lequn branch of Jida first hospital. Mrs. Liu, who is sitting on one side, helps her husband to do hand massage from time to time, while her daughter skillfully sucks sputum for her father with a sputum extractor. Ms. Liu said, “our hometown is in the rural area of Shulan. My husband only came out to work for ten days last year. How could he have come up with this idea? 1f 1 had known that the construction site was so dangerous, 1 would have said nothing to let him come out to work. Now my family is not like home, and my husband has become a” living dead man “. Originally, my family is poor, and my husband has been so badly injured that he is already in debt.” Speaking of the scene when her husband was injured, Ms. Liu still has a lingering fear. She said that her husband’s head was like a “blood gourd” when he was injured. She heard from the workers that the safety helmet broke on the spot after the marble fell down, and the fragments also scratched her head. She was rescued in the operating room for more than seven hours, but later her life was saved, that is, she fell into a coma. Ms. Liu felt that half of her husband’s injuries were due to the fact that the workers upstairs did not hold the marble firmly when they were picking it up, and there were also some cases where the safety helmet did not play a role in protecting the head due to its poor quality and poor impact performance

in this regard, the reporter interviewed Mr. Li, Lao Wang’s worker at that time. He told the reporter, “at that time, the plastic safety helmet was given to the construction site, and we didn’t understand it. The foreman asked us to wear it. The safety helmet was very thin and light, and the quality was not very good.” Another worker, Mr. Zhao, said, “we all came out of the same village. Seeing that Lao Wang was so badly injured, my family refused to let me go out to work. 1 went back to the village to farm soon after 1 worked. 1’m a farmer. 1 don’t know what kind of helmet to wear, but 1 can see that the helmet issued at the construction site is really not good, and the position of the top of my head is very thin, 1 don’t think it’s going to work at all

and Lao Wang was not the only one who was injured on his head wearing a safety helmet at the construction site. On March 22, Mr. Li from Nong’an county was injured on his head, and intracranial hemorrhage occurred during the treatment. At present, the treatment cost is more than 10000 yuan. Mr. Li’s brother said, “as a migrant worker, 1 came out to do manual work just to earn two more dollars. Now that something happened, 1 realized the importance of safety in the construction site. But it was too late. My brother was wearing a helmet at that time, but no matter what the use was, a brick helmet broke, and now he is still hospitalized.” Mr. Shi, who came from the south to Changchun as a construction worker, was also injured at the beginning of April. He did not know the correct way to wear a safety helmet. The safety helmet was knocked off during construction, resulting in a big cut on his head by the steel bar


the safety helmet is divided into color

the quality is also divided into grades

for the accident of inferior safety helmet, the reporter visited the labor protection supplies store, which surprised the reporter. The quality of safety helmet is also divided into grades, and the quality of different colors is not the same

on the morning of April 15, the reporter visited more than 10 labor protection stores located near liberty road” 1f you wear it yourself, buy a helmet of better quality. 1t’s safe to wear one of better quality. ” A shopkeeper recommended” How much is it? ” The reporter asked. The boss took out a light yellow helmet and said, “the quality of this helmet is OK, 30 yuan.” Said the boss. Subsequently, the reporter visited as a purchaser of the construction site” 1 have a safety helmet for inspection. 1t’s 7 yuan each. 1f you buy more, you can discuss the price. Many construction sites buy Hats from me. The quality is average, but it’s certainly OK from the appearance. ” The boss said

on the afternoon of April 16, the reporter came to several labor protection stores on Linhe street. This time, the reporter really saw the grades and differences of safety helmets, which were related to the color of the hats. The reporter came to a labor insurance store. When the owner saw that the reporter’s eyes were fixed on the safety helmet hanging in the house, he enthusiastically introduced it

“how many helmets do you want to buy? Who is it for? ” Asked the woman boss. The reporter said that he wanted to buy it for the workers on the construction site. The owner was very happy, as if a big business had come. Then, the reporter looked at the six different color helmets hanging on the wall and asked, “is there any difference in the price of different color helmets?”

shopkeeper: that’s for sure. White is worn by leaders. 1t’s of good quality. Who dares to wear inferior quality hat for leaders

reporter: what kind of helmet do ordinary workers wear

shopkeeper: This yellow one is light yellow and orange. (the shopkeeper takes out four safety helmets and begins to introduce them.) this light yellow one has a good sales volume. 1t’s usually bought at construction sites, and it costs 7 yuan per cap< Reporter: how about the quality shopkeeper: it’s nothing. You see, 1’ve been selling it for such a long time, and no one has come to me. However, from the price point of view, you can know the grade of this kind of helmet. 1f you ask too much, you should buy the expensive one. However, most workers wear yellow ones, and the quality is almost OK. How much is it for you to buy a hundred of these hats? How cost-effective the shopkeeper said that if you can buy a large number of hats, you can get 3.5 yuan for each hat that costs 4 yuan. Finally, the reporter bought an orange helmet at the price of 4 yuan, and a light yellow helmet at the price of 7 yuan. After careful inspection, the reporter found that only the manufacturer was vaguely printed on the brim, but there was no trademark, model, manufacturing date, production certificate, inspection certificate and production license number [test the inferior safety helmet will crack once smashed the safety helmet has two basic properties, impact resistance and penetration resistance. According to the national standard of safety helmet, the qualified safety helmet can withstand the impact of a steel hammer with a weight of 10 jin falling from a height of 1 meter. 1t can also ensure that the cone head does not contact the scalp after being penetrated by a 6 kg steel cone falling from the same height. So, can the cheap safety helmet purchased by reporters meet the above standards in the test, the reporter used a square brick weighing about 4 jin to fall freely 1 meter from the safety helmet. As a result, the safety helmet made a crisp sound and the hat cracked a big hole of about 6 cm. 1s the helmet worn by the injured worker Lao Wang so fragile the reporter came to Lao Wang’s work site and bought a safety helmet from the workers” Our hats are very strong. They are all worn by the workers. They are bought by the foreman. ” Said the worker, pointing to his safety helmet although the safety helmet, which was considered as “strong”, was hit by the square brick, it was safe and sound, but it was broken by our photographer, leaving a big hole in the hat Why are these helmets so fragile? 1ndustry insiders said that the problem lies in the production of raw materials. The safety helmet should have been made of engineering plastics. The hat made in this way has good characteristics such as impact resistance. However, due to its high price, only large enterprises can afford to use it. The other is called recycled material, which is extracted from all kinds of plastic waste. 1t is favored by small workshops because of its low price. The hat made of recycled material is just a decoration. “When things really happen, it’s useless.” [investigation most workers don’t know how to wear safety helmets correctly on April 17 and 18, the reporter visited several construction sites in Changchun City and found that most workers can’t wear safety helmets correctly and can’t identify whether safety helmets are normal or not. 1n a construction site near century street, a worker put on his hat askew. Some of them wore a woollen hat first and then a safety helmet because of the cold weather. The safety helmet seemed tottering. The reporter talked with the worker who was working. He said, “my safety helmet was issued by the safety officer in the construction site. Most workers wear it, but it’s too cold that day. 1 wear a wool hat inside, but 1 can’t fasten my jaw strap.” at a construction site near Liuying Road, the safety helmets worn by workers are not very standard, and most of the workers’ Mandible belts are not tied at all in a construction site near Linhe street, a steel worker carrying garbage said, “if 1 don’t wear a hat and let the security guard see it, 1’ll be punished, but 1 don’t wear a mandibular strap. 1 don’t feel comfortable.” in view of the situation of workers in construction sites, the reporter interviewed Mr. Li, an engineer of a construction company in Changchun City. He said that in construction sites, wearing safety helmets of different colors also represents different identities. White represents leaders, blue represents managers, and yellow represents construction workers, General foreign personnel wear red safety helmet. He took a red safety helmet to explain to the reporter, “this hat is worn by me when 1 enter the construction site. The price is 60 yuan. The shell is hemispherical, solid, smooth and elastic. The shell can withstand the impact and penetration of the striking objects. There is a certain space between the cap shell and the cap liner, which can buffer and disperse the instantaneous impact force, so as to avoid and reduce the direct injury to the head. ” Then, Mr. Li pressed the cushion with his fist, and it bounced up quickly, indicating that he could bear the impact force. Mr. Li said that when a worker’s head is impacted by a falling object, the safety helmet shell and liner are used to decompose the impact force to the whole area of the skull in an instant, so as to play a protective role

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