1t was hydrofluoric acid only after the stevedore’s hands were burned

More than a month ago, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Changchun, found a job as a stevedore. He didn’t want to do it for only two days when an accident happened. His hands were burned with unknown liquid, and four of his fingers were heavy

“after an accident, 1 learned that it was hydrofluoric acid, a toxic and dangerous chemical. Now, half a month after discharge, the injured finger can’t bend He said

the stevedore was burned by dangerous chemicals

Mr. Liu is 47 years old. On November 21 last year, he worked as a stevedore in a logistics company in North Yatai street, Changchun City, with a monthly salary of 2500 yuan

at about 13 o’clock the next day, a large trailer brought a lot of goods. He and a worker carried them on the car, and a driver drove a forklift to carry them under the car. A lot of goods are also very miscellaneous, including plastic woven bags, wooden cases, plastic buckets, etc. When he was carrying the plastic bucket, he felt that his gloves were a little wet. He began to think that there was water near the handle above the plastic bucket, but after smelling it, he found a sour smell

he asked the worker, “there are no words on this bucket. What’s in it? How does it smell sour? ” The workers said it was OK. They had unloaded it before. So he went on carrying

“at about 16 o’clock that day, 1 felt my fingers hurt, and so did my workmates, so 1 washed them with cold water, but it didn’t work.” Mr. Liu said that at about 20 o’clock on the same day, he was sent to Changchun burn hospital for examination, but it was not clear what this liquid was

on January 9, he said that at that time, the logistics people only knew it was chemicals, but they didn’t know what it was. Later, they asked the head office of Shandong to know it was hydrofluoric acid. After that, he was hospitalized for one month, had two operations, and spent more than 10000 yuan in medical expenses, which were paid by the logistics company

the two parties failed to reach an agreement on the compensation

after discharge, Mr. Liu went to the logistics company to negotiate the compensation and other issues, but failed to reach an agreement” This is a branch. 1t doesn’t care about anything. Let’s go to the head office in Shandong, but the head office says it can only compensate 5000 yuan plus a month’s salary. ” He said that the injured finger could not bend normally, and it also needed further observation and treatment. 1t will take a year for the injury to recover, and judicial expertise has also been conducted< On the 9th, the reporter came to the office of Zibo Hongliang logistics Changchun Branch. The person in charge, Ms. sun, was not in. The reporter contacted her by telephone. She said that she was also a migrant worker, and the head office of Zibo, Shandong Province, was responsible for this after the reporter called the head office, the man didn’t give an interview because he was in a meeting. As the two sides did not reach an agreement on compensation, the Liu family has found a lawyer and is ready to sue the logistics company< Dangerous chemicals cannot be transported at will, a staff member of the Safety Supervision Bureau of Kuancheng District, Changchun said on September 9 that logistics companies must have qualifications, special vehicles and professionals to transport dangerous chemicals according to the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals, those engaged in the transportation of hazardous chemicals should obtain the license for the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with the relevant transportation regulations, and go through the registration procedures with the industrial and commercial department transport enterprises should be equipped with full-time safety management personnel, and drivers, loaders and escorts of hazardous chemicals transport enterprises should obtain professional qualifications. Hazardous chemical transport vehicles shall meet the safety technical conditions required by the national standards, and shall be subject to regular safety technical inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Transport vehicles shall be hung or sprayed with warning signs meeting the requirements of the national standards. Those who are allowed to transport hazardous chemicals without obtaining the permit for transport of dangerous goods shall be punished in accordance with the relevant laws related links hydrofluoric acid the reporter inquired the website of the State Administration of work safety and learned that hydrofluoric acid, also known as hydrogen fluoride solution, acid corrosive, dangerous goods No. 81016, is a key regulatory dangerous chemical hydrofluoric acid is a colorless, transparent and pungent smoking liquid. Pure hydrogen fluoride is sometimes called anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. 1t is highly corrosive and can strongly corrode metals, glasses and objects containing silicon. Highly toxic, such as inhalation of steam or contact with the skin can cause incurable burns our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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