2011 China (Shanghai) industrial textiles and Nonwovens

1t will be held in Shanghai Everbright 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center from May 17 to 19, 2011(Organizing committee contact: Mr. Tong Hui 13621640786 QQ: 876941536) more than 300 enterprises will attend this year, in addition to China’s famous nonwovens Town, Xialu Town, Zhejiang Province, in which more than 20 enterprises from Youxi County, Fujian Province, China’s famous leather base city, will participate, and the proportion of leading enterprises in this exhibition will increase. Anti static / clean room industry system solutions have become a highlight of the conference. For example, Shenzhen Xinlun Technology Co., Ltd. (t080) brings the latest high-tech products, and this exhibition is an international professional exhibition jointly built with ten domestic professional industry associations (associations) as supporting units

visit customers in it, electronics, bioengineering, medicine and health, food, precision instruments, aerospace, petroleum, fine chemical, automobile manufacturing and other industries

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