2012 Qingdao shoes machinery and materials exhibition: the exhibition is hot, let the customers say good!

A few days ago, the reporter learned that since the 13th China (Qingdao) 1nternational leather, shoe machinery, shoe materials and shoe industry exhibition 2012 (LSM) was launched in September, it has received continuous attention from new and old customers. The booth booking momentum is very rapid, and even several customers have asked the organizers to coordinate for the “situation” of competing for one booth, According to the telephone interview, the equipment sold well in Qingdao shoe machine leather exhibition became the main reason for them to scramble for the exhibition space and increase the exhibition space. Customer satisfaction is the last word” Our company has cooperated with Qingdao 1nternational leather, shoe machinery and shoe materials Fair for many years. Next year, we will participate in Qingdao 1nternational Shoe machinery fair again. The effect is remarkable. 1t makes the northern shoe enterprises pay more attention to Emma brand, and also makes some shoe enterprises in the whole country know more about Emma enterprise on the basis of the original, Our product quality and after-sales service are greatly appreciated by our customers. Now our customers are all over the country. At the same time, we have offices in several large and medium-sized cities all over the country, so as to facilitate customers’ consulting and understanding of the machine and improve the quality and convenience of after-sales service. 1t’s really a great honor to join hands with the exhibition in recent years Old customer representative Emma CNC Technology Wang Guoquan, general manager, told reporters. 1t is also understood that at the 13th China (Qingdao) 1nternational leather, footwear machinery, footwear materials and footwear exhibition from June 26 to 28, 2012, Emma CNC technology will bring h2-315 double blade computer leather cutting machine, c-1510 computer leather cutting machine, pc1209 paperboard cutting machine, 2D / 3D shoe pattern design software and other main products to Qingdao 1nternational Exhibition Center again. According to the relevant person in charge of the organizer, affected by the factors such as the temporary application for renovation of special and luxury booths by a number of original standard booths on the first day of the last exhibition, too many visitors, urgent shortage of leaflets, frequent occurrence of “problem exhibitors” who sold more than 1000 sets of equipment on the same day, and the three-day session of the last exhibition attracted nearly 26000 visitors to visit and purchase, a year-on-year increase of 41%, This year’s exhibition recruitment work has attracted the attention of most of the old customers since it started. The recruitment work has been progressing very smoothly. A large number of customers in the last exhibition have actively called back to increase the scale of the booth in advance. The situation is very good and people are overjoyed. Up to now, Taiwan Quanfeng Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiwan Chengfeng Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiwan Dingsheng Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiwan Chuanqi Shoemaking Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiwan Yixiang Enterprise Co., Ltd., Dongguan Emma CNC Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Pinglian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., heijingang (Quanzhou) CNC Technology Co., Ltd., jinyuelai automation equipment Co., Ltd., Bima (Hong Kong), Dongguan Yonghua sewing machine Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huaying Machinery Co., Ltd., Guolin electromechanical Co., Ltd., Wuyi Lude polyurethane equipment Co., Ltd Chengfeng machinery, Haoda Jingji, Yingdali shoes machinery, Hengyu instrument, Wuyi Hongfeng polyurethane equipment, Gaomi Dexing Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dongling shoes machinery factory, Quanzhou Sanxing machinery, Jinjiang Juhong shoes machinery, intellectual shoes material, Fuzheng shoes material, Junfu shoes material, Zhongshen synthetic leather, Quanzhou chengchengda, Hong Kong Jinwang, Foshan Kemeida, Dongguan Juwei, Dongguan Hongzheng machinery Xiongfeng shoemaking equipment factory, Nanhai Xiangda, Ruian Zhongda polyurethane equipment, Dongguan Dongrui shoemaking machinery and other famous enterprises in the industry have decided to attend the exhibition. 1n 2012, we look forward to your more attention and participation

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