2015 Junjie’s accompanying – caring always: advocating green design concept

Label: 2015 Junjie accompany – care often in the activity, the new product release deeply runs through the concept of green design + advocated by the leaders of China professional clothing industry association. The new concept of green design includes ecological design, environmental design, environmental awareness and design. The principle of green design is recognized as the “3R” principle

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every day and every historical event of Junjie. The most significant milestone is the establishment of the operation clothing as the main business product of the company. 1n the past ten years, Junjie Yiming has changed from specialization to concentration

focus on one:

no matter enterprises or individuals, they should focus on their own field and stick to it, because people’s energy is limited, and the resources available to enterprises are also limited. Only by focusing on one and exerting all their strength on one point, can they surpass others and achieve lasting and extraordinary achievements

when a person determines his ideal or a company finds the right direction, we need to constantly remind ourselves with the simplest four words of “focus as one”, that a person can only do one big thing well in his whole life, and so can a company. Therefore, as sun Tzu’s art of war says, “1 am one, the enemy is divided into ten, and the enemy is one in ten.” 1n reality, many companies tend to do real estate when the real estate market is good, use working capital to speculate in stocks when the stock market is bull market, and enter the upstream industry chain when resources are scarce. 1n the end, they do one business after another, but never become enterprises. Junjie company’s leading position in the market today is due to its consistent focus on work clothes

Junjie focuses on the field of work clothes. As a kind of personal protective equipment, work clothes are provided in the process of labor production to prevent or reduce the injury of accidents and occupational hazards in the process of production, which directly plays a role in protecting human body; Work clothes are suitable clothes for production. Chinese people call work clothes labor protection clothes. Work clothes originated in Japan. Japanese people pay most attention to what they wear. Therefore, in addition to the clothes necessary for daily life, Japanese people also have a wide range of work clothes. Japan is a country that attaches great importance to work clothes. All walks of life have their own characteristics of work clothes. 1t is very considerate for personal protection. Most ordinary work clothes have anti-static function. 1n addition to being convenient for work and easy to move, they can also add fire prevention, anti-skid, anti bacteria, heat preservation, dust prevention and other functions

at present, in China, there is not only a huge industrial army in the field of work clothes, but also an industry with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan. However, there are few well-known famous brand enterprises in the country, with a mixture of fish and dragons, serious unfair competition, high survival pressure and fierce competition among enterprises in the industry. Chinese enterprises are killing each other, which has become a barrier to the healthy development of the industry. The industry related to life safety is in a state of marginalization, with congenital deficiencies, low awareness of safety concept, no leader, and unclear concept of brand building; 1n this serious environment, Junjie should build its own characteristic brand, change the original mode of production, operation and marketing; The application of advanced scientific design concept, the use of network technology means of continuous research and development, the introduction of new technologies, new processes, new materials, take the road of green innovation is not only in line with the trend of social development, but also in the white hot competition

2015 Junjie accompanied – caring often in the activity, the new product release deeply runs through the concept of green design + advocated by the leaders of China professional clothing industry association. The new concept of green design includes ecological design, environmental design, environmental awareness and design. The principle of green design is generally recognized as the “3R” principle, namely (reduce, reuse, recycle, reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption, recycle or reuse of products and parts). Green has many meanings, including not only life, peace, spring and nature, but also safety, nature, environmental protection, energy conservation and reuse; The concept of green design is organically applied to the work clothes. Under the condition of ensuring the safety protection function, it reflects the use value of the products to the maximum extent. Green design can not be called the expression of style. Successful green design comes from the designer’s high awareness of environmental problems, and the crystallization of the designer’s experience, knowledge and creativity in the process of design and development

in this design and development process, from the safety aspect, it is the key to the first consideration of work clothes, and it is also the top priority of work clothes. 1t is our duty bound task to ensure the life safety of every industrial worker during the operation. The traditional protective clothing we developed and designed, such as antistatic clothing, flame retardant clothing, high vision clothing, etc., not only use materials higher than national standards in material selection, but also choose products from some famous international suppliers of raw materials and accessories. At the same time, we work with Toray, kloppman and 3M to develop new materials and apply the latest technology to flour accessories, From function to quality, it is first-class; 1n the process of deepening the concept of protection, more functional requirements are added, such as: moisture absorption and perspiration, cooling, quick drying, UV protection, cold resistance, wind and air permeability, oil and water resistance and other functions are applied to the work clothes, which greatly improves the comfort and practicability of the products; From the perspective of design style, simple style is often adopted, and the functional embodiment of details is carefully integrated. The safety and comfort of clothing are increased in the detail design of clothing, which makes the wearer feel that the product is amiable, warm, comfortable and at ease; From the use of raw materials, more economical and environmentally friendly dyes are selected. 1n the use of fibers, fibers with good fastness and not easy to wear are used to increase the service life of materials as far as possible; Abandon useless functions from the process technology, reduce the use of energy as much as possible, control the cost reasonably, and return to the classic simplicity; Create safer, more comfortable and more green work clothes

the concept of green design is not only the consideration of technology, but also the change of concept. With the continuous deepening of the concept of green design, Junjie people focus on innovation, create products and services in a more responsible way, extend the service life of products, benefit industrial workers, and achieve the demands of safety, health and comfort; So as to benefit customers and maintain a good cooperative relationship; Benefit the environment and give us a beautiful blue sky

it is our historical mission to care about the protective performance of work clothes, the occupational health of industrial workers and the environmental protection of the earth, for which we will continue to forge ahead

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