2016 training course on professional knowledge of labor protection articles held in Shanghai

recently, the 2016 training course on professional knowledge of labor protection articles sponsored by the safety and health protection articles Committee of China textile business association was successfully completed in Shanghai after completing all the courses. Lei Limin, vice president and Secretary General of the association and chairman of the safety and health protection articles Committee, and Wang Jianxin, President of Shanghai Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association, attended the activities and delivered speeches. 1n this issue, 41 trainees from 30 labor protection enterprises from 11 provinces, autonomous regions and cities including Tianjin, Shanxi, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Xinjiang participated in the training

on behalf of the association, Lei Limin congratulated the trainees on the successful completion of the training course, and expressed his gratitude to all the trainees and their enterprises for their support to the work of the association, as well as the teachers who have worked hard for the industry training. 1n his concluding speech, he said: first, the trainees who participated in the training came from all over the world. Many participating enterprises took the training course as a base for training professional talents. For example, Tianjin Shuangan technology and Shaanxi Bangsheng sent trainees to participate in the training for many years, which shows that labor insurance enterprises attach great importance to the study of employees’ professional knowledge, which is worth encouraging and affirming; Second, the training class will bring the latest professional information of labor protection knowledge into the teaching materials, so that the trainees can gain something, such as interpreting the “detailed rules for the implementation of production license of special labor protection articles” issued by the State Administration of quality supervision, so that each trainee can understand and master the national regulations, standards and testing requirements for special labor protection articles, and keep pace with the times; Third, through the training, further establish the belief of the students to do a good job in the production and sales of labor protection products. To work in the labor protection articles industry is a glorious cause to send safety and health to enterprises and every laborer. We must have a sense of professionalism and responsibility in our work. Through continuous learning, we can improve our skills and strictly abide by the quality, so as to protect the life, health and safety of labors; Finally, he hoped that all trainees would take the training class as a new starting point for learning, deepen the learning content in practical work and provide good safety production services

it is reported that the training course lasted for 5 days, with the guide to the application and management of standards for special labor protection articles, China’s occupational health and personal protective equipment, and the implementation rules for the production license of special labor protection articles as the basic teaching materials, Chen Haida, Secretary General of the safety and health protection articles Committee of the association, gave marketing and management guidance, and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as rexland, Metz and Shuangan technology, gave special introduction to imported commodities and insulation articles. 1n the final examination of the training class, all the students got an average score of 93.2

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