240 sanitation workers were given masks by the street joint love enterprise

the caring enterprises give the sanitation workers a warm gift package

(article / photo: Xi’an Daily reporter Zhang Huanya) huidangnian, don’t forget. This morning, Xi’an Environmental Protection Beilin Branch, Beilin District Urban Administration Bureau, changlefang sub district office, Shaanxi green Sanqin environmental development public welfare center, together with caring enterprises, sent a warm welcome to 240 environmental sanitation workers in changlefang

“the haze weather is serious these days. The sanitation workers not only have a heavy workload, but also have a serious impact on their health.” While giving masks to sanitation workers, changlefang Street advocates the public to take the initiative to protect the environment and share the worries of sanitation workers, and appeals to all walks of life to pay attention to air quality and care for sanitation workers. On that day, 240 sanitation workers were given one-time masks, one thermos cup and one kilogram bottle of detergent

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