25% of livestock died in flood, Pakistan leather industry faces shortage of raw materials

the Pakistan Leather Association (PTA) recently said that the leather industry will face a 30% shortage of raw materials due to the loss of livestock< Agha saiddain, President of Pakistan Leather 1ndustry Association, pointed out that the recent floods in Pakistan have resulted in 25% of livestock deaths in Punjab and Sindh provinces and 35% of material shortage in leather industry at present, a large number of animals lack of feed and shelter. 1n addition, natural pasture is submerged in floods he further pointed out that the cost of the leather industry has increased by 150% compared with 2009-10. Moreover, in the current situation, the cost may rise by another 20% saiddain also pointed out that the leather industry is now facing a 17% decline in exports, and over time, exports will fall another 25%

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