3000 anti-virus masks sold monthly in online stores

Online shop anti-virus masks sold 3000 a month, is it true? Where can 1 sell fire protection devices” What is the best thing for a family to prepare for building fire prevention? ” Wanxin a fire, so that high-rise residents how to fire into the focus of public debate

the fire-fighting devices used to be exclusively used by enterprises and institutions have now entered the homes of ordinary people. Many high-rise residents have bought fire-fighting devices, and the gas masks of some fire-fighting device stores are oversupplied and once out of stock

self provided fire protection devices

looking at the three neatly placed gas masks on the bottom floor of the storage room, Ms. sun, who lives on the 19th floor of a residential area in Dongling District, is filled with emotion. Had it not been for the high-rise building fire in Shanghai and the Wanxin building fire in Shenyang, she could not have imagined that she would have prepared “fire protection devices” at home

Ms. Sun told reporters that she witnessed the fire in Wanxin on New Year’s Eve and felt that the fire prevention of the building was imminent. Then she called on all relatives and friends living in high-rise buildings to take “preventive injection” in advance” After inquiring about several fire-proof devices sales offices in Shenyang, 1 learned that anti-virus masks were the best choice, so 1 prepared three at home. 1’m not afraid of ten thousand, but 1’m afraid of just in case. 1 don’t say whether the industry is guaranteed or not. 1 have to keep the people first. “

like Ms. sun, Ms. Zhang, who lives on the 10th floor, is preparing to buy a life line with active lifting function for her family” 1t’s said that this rope cost more than 4000 yuan, and the price is not cheap, but it’s worth it to think that it can save lives in case of emergency. “

gas masks are popular and sold out of stock

in the market of fire-fighting devices, it is found that the gas masks recognized by the top residents are very popular and some of them are out of stock. 1n this regard, the marketing department of the fire fighting device factory said, “before, some enterprises and institutions were lack of fire fighting device preparation. After the Wanxin fire incident, these units immediately came to replenish. 1n addition, some high-rise residents have begun to wake up to the idea of self-help in fire prevention, and they have taken the initiative to purchase fire-proof devices, which makes the supply of gas masks, which has always been a stable source of goods, suddenly exceed supply. “< Zou Li said that in the past, the fire-fighting devices sold in the factory were purchased from various enterprises and institutions, but now Chengdu has sold them to high-level residents" Sales increased by 50% compared with the same period last year, mainly because the two fires two years ago and two years later made more high-rise residents realize the importance of fire-fighting devices, such as gas masks, which are simple and easy to use. They only have more than 100 yuan each, but they can save a life at a critical time. " but Zou Li didn’t approve of some people’s safety escape ropes. When the fire broke out, the residents themselves were very scared. Although the quality of the safety escape rope was reliable, in that case, many people did not dare to use the escape rope it is found on some local websites and forums that posts on how to prevent building fires and how to escape from building fires are everywhere. According to the rough statistics, the most popular self-help and fire-proof devices for building residents are: fire extinguisher, fire blanket, gas mask and safety escape rope through online search, we found that there are as many as 51 sellers selling fireproof devices. Guangzhou seller Mr. Ou told reporters that since last year he sold fire-proof devices on the 1nternet, his business has been good, involving more than 20 kinds of products, such as gas masks, fire blankets, safety escape ropes, rope grabbers and home fire extinguishers. From the comparison of safety and efficiency, the top three are gas masks, fire blankets and safety escape ropes. The online prices are about 43 yuan, 78 yuan and 138 yuan” At the most, they can sell 3000 gas masks a month, which is better than the business of physical stores. “ in another place, the seller knows that a disposable simple anti-virus mask with a price of 78 yuan has become a “hot item” and a target pursued by netizens. The seller told reporters that the fire authority once made statistics, more than 80% of the deaths in the fire were caused by smoke poisoning or suffocation. At this time, wearing a reliable smoke and gas prevention breathing device can greatly reduce the number of fire deaths this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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