3467 mandatory national standards for “online reading” will be basically open in 2020

On March 16, the “national standard full text open system” was officially put into operation. Enterprises and the public can check or download relevant standards for free. According to the latest statistics, from 18:00 on March 16 to 24:00 on March 23, the number of visitors was 582307 and the number of views was 4107213; Standard online reading 107404 times, Download 53664 times. 1t is expected that by 2020, all national standards will be made public free of charge

3467 mandatory national standards were included

in February 2017, the office of the inter ministerial Joint Conference on standardization coordination and promotion of the State Council issued the implementation plan for promoting the publicity of national standards. Subsequently, the National Standards Commission immediately started the research and development of software for the publicity system, and paid close attention to the carding, collection and processing of national standard text data

according to the implementation plan, the national standards disclosure work is divided into two stages: by the end of 2018, the existing 30000 national standards will be analyzed, evaluated, screened and sorted out, and all the national standards independently developed (non standard acquisition) in China will be released free of charge; By the end of 2020, we will focus on promoting the free publication of recommended national standards for standards collection, and timely publish relevant national standards on the premise of complying with the copyright policies of 1nternational (foreign) standards organizations

according to the introduction, open the open system linked on the website of the national standards committee, and you can see the prompt of “3467 items of current effective mandatory national standards are included in this system” in the column of mandatory national standards. 1n the column of recommendable national standards, there is a prompt of “this system contains 6123 current effective recommendable national standards”

open standards benefit people’s life

according to the requirements of the State Council to deepen the reform of standardization work, the work of open standards involves national standards, industrial standards and local standards formulated by the government. Therefore, the implementation plan mainly makes arrangements for the work of open national standards, 1t also puts forward corresponding requirements for the disclosure of industry standards and local standards

What are the main considerations for free publication of national standards? What benefits can it bring to people’s life< From the government's point of view, the free disclosure of national standards is a specific measure to deepen the reform of "deregulation, management and service", improve the government's public service level, and serve the public entrepreneurship and innovation; From the perspective of enterprises, the free disclosure of national standards is conducive to convenient access to standards, promoting enterprises to develop and use advanced standards for production, so as to improve the quality of products and services; From the perspective of consumers, the free disclosure of national standards can make it more convenient for the public to obtain standards, understand standards, and guide consumption. Consumers can understand the technical indicators of products, purchase high-quality products, enjoy high-quality services, and supervise products that do not meet the standards, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers both copyright protection and free publication national standards have copyright. 1n order to further meet the public’s demand for national standard information, standard information is made public on the website. How to deal with the copyright problem in this regard, the person in charge of the National Standards Commission explained to this newspaper that the free publication of standards is not contradictory to copyright protection. The free publication of national standards is a measure taken by copyright owners to provide better and more convenient standard services to the society, and is a disposal measure for the right to publish standards and property rights and interests, The owner of standard copyright still enjoys other rights such as the right of publication and distribution, the right of information network transmission and so on in addition, the reason why the recommended national standards are free to be published online is mainly due to the copyright protection requirements of the standards. 1f the standards are copied and disseminated at will, the contents of the standards may be tampered, and the accuracy, strictness and authority of the standards may be affected. The publication, distribution, network dissemination, compilation and translation of national standards should still be authorized by the copyright owner

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