380 new cases of occupational diseases in Yantai last year

On February 20, the reporter learned from the health department of Yantai City, Shandong Province: as of the end of October 2013, 380 cases of new occupational diseases had occurred in the city, an increase of more than 20% over the same period of last year. Pneumoconiosis, occupational otorhinolaryngology diseases, occupational poisoning and so on were the most common diseases, with migrant workers as the main group. After the Spring Festival, many peasant brothers set foot on the road of returning to the city for work. Experts from the Municipal Health Department remind us that we must pay attention to strengthen personal protection and guard against occupational diseases

six people suffered from “arm vibration disease” and all their fingers turned white

Liu Yuan, 52, a pseudonym, has worked as a driller in a mine in Zhaoyuan for 12 years. Yesterday, the reporter saw the driller who was diagnosed with occupational “arm vibration disease”. The joints of his right hand were almost deformed, and his fingers could not be straightened. He looked whiter than most people. He told reporters that every day touching the hands of drilling rigs often feel numb, “it’s very common to drop chopsticks when eating. 1’m engaged in this work for the sake of life.”

last year, there were 6 occupational disease patients diagnosed as “arm vibration disease” like master Liu in Yantai. Ji pingzhong, chief of the occupational health and radiation protection section of the CDC, said: This is an occupational disease caused by physical factors. The local vibration produced by mechanical equipment during work can affect the human hand or foot and other parts, causing harm to the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, bone and muscle system, causing deformation and spasm of the terminal blood vessels and even the formation of vibrating white fingers. Because the common parts of vibration white fingers are the distal knuckles of index finger, middle finger and ring finger, which can involve the proximal knuckles, so that all fingers turn white, so it is called “dead finger” and “dead hand”

What are the treatment and management principles of “arm vibration disease”? Ji said that there is no specific treatment for “arm vibration disease”, so we should strengthen personal protection and pay attention to keeping hands and whole body warm. Mild patients should be transferred from the manual vibration work post for appropriate treatment; Moderate and severe patients must be transferred from the vibration work post and actively treated

380 new cases of occupational diseases were added in one year, with pneumoconiosis taking the lead

as of October last year, a total of 380 new cases of occupational diseases were added in Yantai” Yantai mining, building materials, cement, stone processing, machinery manufacturing and other enterprises are more, enterprises do not take dust, protective measures according to laws and regulations, migrant workers seriously lack of self-protection consciousness, is the main reason for the high incidence of occupational diseases Qian Xinlin, the second Supervision Department of the Municipal Health Supervision 1nstitute, said in an interview

takes the pneumoconiosis disease incidence rate as the first place in the occupation disease as an example. Many people will think that as long as they wear cotton gauze mask at work, they can play a dust-proof role. 1n fact, it can’t stop fine dust. Dust below 5 microns can directly enter the alveoli. 1t’s useless to wear more masks< However, not all diseases at work are occupational diseases" Occupational diseases must be listed in the national catalogue of occupational diseases, have clear occupational correlation, and be definitely diagnosed by legal occupational disease diagnosis institutions according to the diagnostic standards of occupational diseases. " Registered residence occupation, "if the workers suspected that the disease was occupational disease, they could be diagnosed by occupational disease diagnosis by the medical and health institutions that were diagnosed by occupation occupation according to the location of their employer, their domicile or habitual residence." According to the reporter, Yantai occupational disease hospital is the only medical institution with occupational disease diagnosis qualification in Yantai city. When applying for occupational disease diagnosis, the laborer should bring the occupational contact history certificate, occupational health examination results (copies of occupational health surveillance files, detection and evaluation data of occupational hazard factors in the workplace over the years) and other data issued by the work unit to Yantai occupational disease hospital for occupational disease diagnosis our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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