3M launches respirator with RF1D function

Shanghai, July 26, 2010 / AP Asia / — 3M company, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises famous for diversified technology and innovation, has recently created an “intelligent security management system” with RF1D respirator as the main structure. Through this system, employers can monitor whether employees clean and maintain personal protective equipment as required. This method can track and analyze the maintenance work of employees, and provide an effective basis for safety management personnel and industrial health testing institutions to urge employees to comply with safety standards, so as to establish a safer and more efficient workplace

this “intelligent security management system” from 3m is applied in the security market for the first time. This RF1D respirator integrates 3M’s RF1D tracking technology and corresponding software. Ms. Julie Bushman, global vice president of occupational health and environmental hygiene at 3M, said: “our goal is to ensure that our products can have a positive impact on employees working in hazardous environments. These 3M respirators have RF1D technology, and enterprises will have new ways to ensure the safety of their respirators. ” At the same time, according to Larry ptastenski, new business development manager of 3M’s US Occupational Health and environmental safety products division, “3M used RF1D tags to track things like office documents as early as 10 years ago. When customers began to complain about the problem of manual tracking inspection, 3M began to look for solutions based on RF1D. The key benefit of the system is that it can let customers know when and what happened. At the same time, the system can make appropriate adjustments according to customers’ requirements. For example, when the filter box needs to be replaced, the system can send an alarm in advance to inform customers. “

at present, the system has been officially promoted to the U.S. market. According to the customer’s response, the system can accurately monitor the use of equipment, eliminate the need for manual data copies, and reduce potential errors. On average, 7.5% of the monitoring time was reduced. At the same time, 3M is also actively exploring the global market, and Chinese customers are expected to experience the new experience brought by this innovative technology in recent years

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