3M Mask£üOn the importance of wearing time of respiratory protective equipment

In workplaces such as dust, welding fumes, and organic vapors, people usually choose masks and face shields for protection. However, it is difficult for some small partners to insist on wearing masks or face shields during the entire period of hazard exposure. The common reasons are as follows:
1. The mask is too stuffy to wear and there is resistance to breathing;
2. The material of the mask is too high. Hard and uncomfortable to wear;
3. The mask is too bulky and it is inconvenient to wear glasses.
It seems that every reason is very good! But first let Xiaohui come to “intimidate” you: if you don’t wear respiratory protection equipment all the way, the consequences are very serious!
First, let’s clarify a few concepts (high energy ahead Early warning)!
Protection factor
That is to say, the multiple that a respiratory protective equipment reduces the concentration of pollutants.

Designated Protection Factor (APF)
Designated Protection Factor (APF) is based on the provisions of various national standards and regulations, which considers a type of respiratory protective equipment to be functionally suitable, suitable for users to wear and to be used correctly. It is expected to reduce the air pollutant concentration by multiples. For example, in China, the APF of the mask is 10, and the APF of the full face mask is 100.
Effective Protection Factor (EPF)
Effective Protection Factor (EPF) refers to the multiple by which respiratory protective equipment can actually reduce pollutants if it is not worn throughout the work site. For example:

It can be seen that even if the mask is not worn or worn incorrectly 20% of the time, the protective factor of the mask will drop from the original 10 to the actual 3.6! The protective effect is greatly reduced! So everyone Dear friends, don’t ignore the importance of wearing respiratory protective equipment throughout the period of pollutant exposure! (Repeat ten thousand times here!)
Not just masks, even full face masks, long-tube air-supplied respirators (SAR), Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), these products with higher APF, if they are not worn correctly throughout the entire process, they will also have a great impact on their protective effect. Take a look at the following comparison chart!

By It can be seen that if SCBA is not worn 20% of the time, the protective effect is actually reduced to this point!
Speaking of this, everyone should know how serious the consequences of not wearing respiratory protection equipment are?! As mentioned at the beginning For those who can’t insist on wearing the whole process, Xiaohui kindly reminds you: There are more ways than difficulties, try the following suggestions!

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