3M’s position in China is difficult to guarantee? Crusader haze mask breaks through the problem of haze prevention and resistance

The haze is getting heavier and heavier, and the masks need to be upgraded

experts predict that this year’s haze season will be earlier and more prosperous than in previous years. 1n fact, this year’s haze has come since August, two months earlier than in previous years. How to choose an anti haze mask seems to be the only cognition for ordinary users. However, brand sometimes means relying on the old to sell the old, not enterprising

today, 1’ll give you a detailed introduction of an anti haze mask that has been abandoned for several streets of 3M. 1 hope that this year we can prevent haze more easily and not so congested

the higher the filtration efficiency is, the greater the resistance is, and the difficulty of suction becomes a technical difficulty

the most basic requirement of haze prevention is that the filtration PM2.5 should reach more than 90%, but the higher the filtration efficiency is, the greater the suction resistance will be. Experts in the industry agree that the current production process and materials, even if the suction resistance is reduced by 10%, are difficult technical problems to achieve, Even 3M has not conquered this point so far (maybe 3M manufacturers think that its brand advantage is enough, or maybe they are big companies and despise small breakthroughs)

We conducted the most intuitive video test on the most important filtration efficiency of anti haze mask. The test pollution source was cigarette smoke (the particle diameter of cigarette smoke was 0.1-1 μ m), which was 25-2.5 times smaller than PM2.5 (2.5 μ m). The test environment was all dark room

the test conclusion is that there is no corresponding test equipment in the industry, so it should be no big problem to filter 90% of cigarette smoke by visual inspection

Crusader electrostatic adsorption, easy breathing

first of all, we understand the filtering principle of general anti haze masks on the market through a picture

it can be seen from the above figure that inertial collision, coagulation interception and adsorption effect all depend on the fiber density to realize “passive filtration”. 1f the filtration efficiency 100% depends on the fiber density, the suction resistance will be infinite, just like with a piece of glass, it can not be sucked at all

then, the only way to achieve filtration independent of fiber density is to carry out “active adsorption” through electrostatic. But the difficulty is that the mask is not a large capacitance, which can keep static electricity for a long time. Moreover, the static electricity will gradually decay when it meets with water or in a certain period of time, which is infinitely close to 0. 1n other words, when the static electricity is completely attenuated and there is no “passive filtering” of the material, the mask will be empty

Crusader friction charging perfectly realizes the power storage function

obviously, the capacitor can save more charge because of the particularity of the material, so the core filter material of the mask needs to be infinitely close to the characteristics of the capacitor material, in order to achieve the purpose of injecting more static electricity. The particles in the air are all charged. The longer you use them, the less static they will neutralize the charge of the mask. Moreover, the static electricity itself will be attenuated due to various factors

solution: the core filter material invested and developed by Hangzhou BOPA1 1nvestment Management Co., Ltd. has a dual approach in terms of formula and technology. 1n addition to “filling” static electricity in the production process through special processes, it can also use each suction to drive the friction of special material fibers to generate new static electricity, Even the packaging in which the mask is stored can “charge” the mask by rubbing. This special material property has even become the core secret that industry friends are eager to crack

Crusader has large capacity, high adsorption and low resistance, and its core advantages are outstanding

when the anti haze mask uses “active adsorption” as the filtering mode, it means that the fiber density can be greatly reduced, and the reduced fiber density virtually increases the dust capacity of the mask. 1n other words, even if it is worn for a long time when the haze is very serious, even if enough small particles are filtered, its suction resistance will not be greatly affected. Therefore, the mask recommended in this paper is launched with the inspiratory resistance of 50 PA and 75 PA as its main selling point

the materials used by the Crusaders are scarce, and once the mask is launched, the supply exceeds the demand.

once the mask is launched, the scarcity of raw materials, the production capacity of the factory and the cash taken by various agents to grab goods in the workshop are in sharp contrast. 1t’s not too much to describe it as hot, hot money and burst warehouse. Even the online stores of Jingdong and Taobao can’t find the mask. Some agents have to go back to the next place and have started to book the production capacity in 2018 this year

49.8 PA is the cup-shaped inspiratory resistance, 35.9 PA is the expiratory resistance

Crusader’s price is close to the people, and the use cost is only 1 / 3 of 3M’s

if the production capacity is not insufficient, the mask will become the biggest threat to 3m this year. 1n addition to the brand, 3M will be thrown out of the market in terms of indicators, wearing comfort and environmental protection materials. Nevertheless, the manufacturers set the price very close to the people. The lowest price of the three pack foldable valveless mask is only 49 yuan, because it is twice as large as the super large dust capacity of 3M, that is to say, three masks are equivalent to more than six masks of 3M, and the actual cost of a single mask is less than 1 / 3 of 3M

mass selling: red is cup type and black is folding type. Except for folding type, there are 15 pieces in mass selling, there are valve type and valveless type in cup type, and there are 25 pieces in folding valveless type

in the actual measurement, many users said that the design was not beautiful enough. 1n fact, Xiaobian also thought that ~ ~ o (�_ � O ha ha ~

however, such a powerful mask can block more than 95% of the haze, and there is almost no resistance. We will change, seriously and thoroughly the facial values that our parents care about, but we will wait until spring ~

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