4 fishermen poisoned by hydrogen sulfide produced by fish spoilage

May 15 is the fishing season. Minshiyu 06757 wanted to go out to sea for the last good harvest, but an accident happened when he was working in Quanzhou sea area. The night before yesterday, the captain of the fishing boat was poisoned by hydrogen sulfide produced by seafood and other corruption when he was cleaning the cabin bottom. When the captain and two other crew members went to rescue, they were also poisoned and comatose

when receiving the distress signal, nearby ships rushed to the rescue one after another, and two crew members on one ship rescued four people with ropes. Unfortunately, chief engineer CA1 and captain Wu died after rescue< At noon yesterday, the reporter arrived at the emergency room of Shishi overseas Chinese hospital. Pang Heping, the seaman on the bed, was undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment and in good mental condition. According to the diagnosis, Pang Heping suffered from acute inhalation gas poisoning and syncope for 2 hours after the accident. Another crew member, Zhang Heping, is still in the intensive care unit Pang Heping, 42, is jiaozuoren in Henan Province. He told reporters that minshiyu 06757 was launched for the first time after the Qingming Festival and went out to sea again on the afternoon of May 10 in order to return with a full load before the fishing ban on May 15 the fishing boat arrived at Quanzhou sea area at more than 9 p.m. on the 10th. The fishing boat and another vice boat did “double towing” and towed a net, but the harvest was not big. At this time, chief engineer Cai began to clean the engine room with a water pump. Maybe because the sewage pipe was blocked, he went to the fish storage tank in the middle of the fishing boat for treatment “1 heard a noise and thought that the bilge was slipping and he fell down.” Pang Heping, who was on the deck at that time, said that Captain Wu and crew Zhang Heping also went down afterwards, and then did not respond. When he found something wrong, he quickly went down the ladder to check, “just a few steps, a very fishy smell got into his nostrils.” Pang Heping said that before he could react, he fainted and didn’t know what happened later rescue the ships supported the two crew members to save people with wet wipes there were 167 crew members on minshiyu 06757. When they met this accident, the rest of the crew were very anxious. They immediately informed the radio of what had happened. After receiving the news, the vice ship and several fishing boats nearby came to help one after another minshiyu 06999 was trawling with another fishing boat two or three nautical miles away at that time. After hearing the call for help from the radio station, the captain Cai Fangqiang immediately threw the fishing net to the auxiliary ship for treatment and drove the boat to come. After understanding the situation, he arranged for crew a Wei and Lei Gang to go down to the accident cabin, tied the four people who fainted with ropes, and slowly pulled them onto the deck. To ensure the safety of the rescuers, he let the crew cover the nose and mouth with the towel that had soaked in Baijiu, and tied the rope to save it. When the four people were rescued, they were all unconscious. Cai Fangqiang immediately drove minshiyu 06757 to the port at 0:00 yesterday, the fishing boat arrived at the wharf, and Xiangzhi town government and other staff and 120 ambulance had been waiting for a long time. Four poisoned people were immediately sent to the overseas Chinese hospital for rescue. The captain Wu and crew Cai died after ineffective rescue, and the other two were not in danger< 1t is reported that both Wu and CA1 are from Xiangyu village, Xiangzhi Town, aged 31 and 34 respectively" They are warm-hearted, kind-hearted and young. 1t's a pity... "Several fishermen told reporters investigation hydrogen sulfide produced by fish spoilage at present, the preliminary investigation conducted by relevant authorities in Shishi City shows that the four crew members of minshiyu 06757 fishing boat were poisoned by hydrogen sulfide produced by fermentation after seafood spoilage originally, after fishing for the first time, the fishing boat caught some of the fish and sardine (Wen Yu). During the period, some scales, rotten dead fish and blood were drained out of the sewer, which may have blocked the pipeline. Recently, the weather is sultry. The residue in the sewer is decomposed and fermented by microorganisms to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which is temporarily dissolved in the sewage. When the crew entered the cabin for cleaning, the deposited hydrogen sulfide gas volatilized rapidly, causing poisoning the reporter learned that similar poisoning incidents have occurred in Quanzhou in recent years. At present, a working group has been set up in Xiangzhi town of Shishi City to do a good job in appeasing the family members of the dead and further investigate the causes remind the fishing boats to clean and ventilate frequently during the fishing ban “1 hope the fishermen must be careful!” Shishi marine and fishery department, Xiangzhi fishery association and other relevant people reminded that during the fishing moratorium, if there is residual fish cargo in the cabin of the suspended fishing vessel, it will be in a high temperature and closed state for a long time, which is easy to corrupt and deteriorate, and produce toxic hydrogen sulfide gas hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas with rotten egg smell, which is easy to volatilize and is an asphyxiating poison with strong nerve paralysis. 1ts specific gravity is greater than that of air, and it is easy to deposit in the lower part of the cabin or dissolve in water. When the fishermen go down to clean and stir the cabin, or when the fishing boat swings, hydrogen sulfide will volatilize rapidly. 1t will be filled in the cabin for a short time and can not be sent out in time, causing the fishermen entering the cabin to inhale and poison< According to relevant people, frequent cleaning and ventilation are the best preventive measures. Before going down, open the cabin for ventilation for a period of time, or spray seawater into the cabin, and then wash the cabin with soapy water in case of poisoning accident, fishermen should not rush to save people, but open the cabin immediately to ensure the air circulation in the cabin. When going down the cabin to save people, you should wear a gas mask to avoid poisoning yourself. 1f you don’t have a gas mask, you can use a wet towel instead. The rescuers should take the rope down to the cabin, help the poisoned person to fasten the rope and immediately return to the outside of the cabin, then rescue the poisoned person through the rope, quickly move him to a place with fresh air for artificial respiration, and send him to the hospital as soon as possible this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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