42 fire law enforcement recorders on duty

From June, 42 fire law enforcement recorders in Hegang City will be on duty

the fire law enforcement recorder is a portable device which integrates camera, camera, recording, intercom and other functions. 1t is black and easy to carry or install in the police rank and coat pocket of the uniform. 1t is used to record the process of fire supervision and law enforcement

in the future, when fire supervision and law enforcement personnel go to social units to carry out fire supervision and inspection, fire safety inspection before public gathering places are put into operation, fire acceptance and completion acceptance record inspection of construction projects, fire accident investigation, implementation of fire administrative compulsion, fire administrative punishment, and acceptance at administrative approval window, they will all use law enforcement recorder, The whole process of law enforcement is recorded objectively and truly. At the same time, Hegang City public security fire brigade formulated the management system of law enforcement recorder audio-visual data, established the law enforcement record files of fire supervision and law enforcement personnel, regularly exported video data and regularly surveyed video data

the use of the law enforcement recorder can not only promote the efficiency of fire supervision and law enforcement, but also retrieve the original information when the parties make malicious complaints, reproduce the real scene of law enforcement, handle the complaint cases fairly and reasonably, effectively avoid police disputes, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and law enforcement personnel

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